Two (Different) Days in the Life

May 15, 2017
By nataliepark BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
nataliepark BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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I woke up this morning at my normal time: 8 am. The sun was high in the sky and the birds had already stopped chirping. I rubbed my eyes and sprinted into the kitchen. A bowl of cereal, some chocolate milk, and a cut up banana were sitting there, ready for me to devour. The kitchen was filled with songs of counting, the A-B-Cs, and songs about brushing your teeth. I didn’t think much of it. A small, bright pink backpack sat beside me waiting for me to pack my lunch and anything else I needed for school.

I woke up this morning at my normal time: 6 am. It was still dark, but not dark enough that I couldn’t see with the lights off. I physically couldn’t get up. My eyes are glued shut and they are not willing to open. I forced them to open with my hands. I check my phone: more messages about the test today. I almost forgot about it. After what felt like hours, I made my way downstairs into the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl, some cereal, and a banana from the cabinet and sat down, pouring in more cereal as I ate. The news was on in the background. More attacks, floods, and protests going on around the world. My large bag sat next to me waiting to be stuffed with more and more books.


Getting to school was stressful. I had to catch the bus every morning which came promptly at 8am. I had to make sure there was a seat for me and make sure that I didn’t forget anything when I left the bus.

Getting to school was stressful. Being on time is hard when school starts so early. Not to mention the long line of cars in the parking lot every morning. Running to class and getting to my seat before 7:35 am every morning gets tiring.

School was great today. We played outside for a few hours, read some books, and ate great snacks. My favorite part of the day was playing outside with my friends on the swings. I never want to leave when the day ends.

School was horrible today. I was bombarded with three tests, one quiz, and an essay all due in a day. I did not have one free moment to think of anything but school. The best part of the day was finally leaving school. Unfortunately, I had to go home and do more homework.

 After a long and exhausting day at school, I finally got to go home. The first thing I did was turn on the TV to see what was on. It was too early for anything good to be on, so I just took a nap instead. It was dinner time when I woke up, and I almost forgot to do my homework: coloring!

After a long and exhausting day at school, I finally got home. Hours of homework, reading, and writing filled my afternoon. I barely had time to stop for dinner.


Eight o’clock finally rolled around and it was time for me to go to bed. My favorite pajamas accompanied by my favorite teddy bear. I really didn’t want to go to bed yet so I decided to try and read a book. After finishing one long, colorful, wordless book, my eyes started to droop. Then, I decided to go to bed.


Eleven o’clock finally rolled around and my body was begging me to sleep. Unfortunately, there was still math homework to do. I finally changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants, which was going to be the same outfit I wear tomorrow to school anyway. If only I could just shut my eyes for one minute… I guess I should probably go to bed before I lose any more sleep.

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