Twin Talk

May 14, 2017

Have you ever wondered what twins talk about? I like talking to my twin, Diya, because she understands things about me that other people don't. Because of this, the way I talk to her is different compared to how I talk to my friends.

When I talk to Diya, I don't have to worry about what she would think of me or if I'm hurting her feelings. For example, if I'm yelling at Diya (You might not be able to imagine me yelling but I do), it would be okay because I yell at her all the time and if we got into a fight we would just start talking to each other again normally after a few hours. “Sriya! Why did you leave my water bottle at the bus loop!”, she yelled at me after getting on the bus one day.

“What? I didn't leave your water bottle! Plus, It’s your water bottle so it’s your responsibility!” I screamed back. But if it were a friend and not Diya, I probably wouldn’t because I wouldn’t want to get into a fight.
My sister also respects the things that I like, specifically music. If I showed her a song that I really liked, she would probably say “Omg, it’s so good!”

Even if she didn't like it, she would respect that I like it. In contrast, if I asked my friends to listen to the song, they would refuse to listen, and if they did, they would say something like “Eh, it's okay.” In February, I got obsessed with a Japanese rock band called ONE OK ROCK (OOR). A few weeks ago, I came across another Japanese rock band called My First Story (MFS). I was really excited, because their music was very similar to OOR’s and I knew I would have another band to obsess over. After doing further research, I found out that the lead singer of MFS was the little brother of the lead singer of OOR! I was so surprised, I felt like I had to tell someone. “OMG, GUESS WHAT?” I texted my friend in all caps. “I GOT OBSESSED WITH ANOTHER J-ROCK BAND! AND THE LEAD SINGER OF THAT BAND IS TAKA’S (lead singer of OOR) BROTHER!!!” I was sure she would be as surprised as I was because she had liked some of the OOR songs that I had previously shown her. 

The next day, she replied with, “...” This made me extremely furious; my friend didn’t respect my excitement about the band. I was so angry with her that I didn't text her for a week. On the other hand,  when I told Diya about the relation between MFS and OOR, she was almost as surprised as I was and she completely understood.
We also have many inside jokes that nobody else would understand. Diya has recently gotten obsessed with a Korean band called BTS. That band has a lot of inside jokes that none of our friends understand. I understand them because Diya tells me about them almost every day and there’s no need for her to explain. Sometimes at lunch, Diya brings up a BTS inside joke and we laugh really hard while everyone else at our table stares at us like we grew two extra heads--my head on hers and her head on mine.  “Diya, when are you going to stop obsessing over  K-Pop?” asks Libby, one of our friends.

“Not Today!” Diya replies, while she and I burst into simultaneous laughter (Not Today is a BTS song).

“What?” Libby asks. Diya tries to explain while I continue laughing.

Overall, it is easier for me to talk to my twin than my friends because she knows me better than they do. She understands my feelings and why I do certain things. While we may not have a telepathic connection like some twins, the language we use with each other gives us a special bond, a shared language that will never have more than two known native speakers. 

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AVM1427This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
May 18 at 5:45 pm
Enjoyed it, cool essay!
NSeconi said...
May 17 at 7:41 pm
Great Article! It kept my attention the whole way through.
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