Everything Tastes Better in Sicily

May 11, 2017
By natp13 BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
natp13 BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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This summer while I was in Sicily my whole family and I visited my great grandparent's house, that my uncle had fixed up, in Carrera. This simple 3 room house is in a valley, so to get there you have to go up a mountain then down a mountain. This was my great grandparent’s “summer home”, they lived there in the summer to work the fields of the land that they owned. It is very sentimental to my family because before my grandma and siblings came to America this is where they spent their summers. So before we headed to the house we loaded up the cars with loads of food, chairs, pots, pans basically everything you would need to cook a meal except the kitchen sink and stove. After getting everything packed and prepped we headed out for the approximate 15-minute drive up the windy mountainous roads. After we got there and took in the amazing view all my aunts and uncles got started cooking. First, they started the cooking fires. On the menu, that day was: pasta, of course, with homemade sauce and freshly grated ricotta cheese, grilled sausage, salad and grilled eggplant. Once the fires were going they put the water on for the pasta and warm the sauce that was made the day before. Once the pasta was cooking the sausage was thrown on the grill. My aunt Mary and I were put on salad washing duty. There is no real sink at the house, so the “sink” was a faucet outside with a bowl under it, so washing the lettuce took twice as long. Once the lettuce was washed my grandma and her two sisters created an assembly line for the salad. When everything was cooked and plated, all 20 something of us sat down to eat. My great aunt told us a story and said a prayer before we started to eat. The food was amazing, of course, probably because everything tastes better in Sicily. But also because it was family made, with lots of love.

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