Wedding Bells

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

My cousin Lindsey’s wedding was a very special and extravagant event that I was able to attend. Lindsey’s wedding was definitely one to remember. From watching my beautiful cousin walk down the aisle, to stuffing my face with deliciously flavored wedding cake, it was a night that I have never forgotten. The day of her wedding started and ended perfectly. Not only did Lindsey make unforgettable memories on her special day, but I also made memories to last a lifetime.

I was feeling very nervous as I slipped my silky red dress over my head. My hair and makeup was touched up perfectly for the wedding. I knew that this was going to be a fun night. When I arrived to the church with my family, everyone around me was filled with energy. I happily laughed and talked with many friends and extended family members that I had not seen in awhile. I could not contain my excitement at the thought of finally being able to see my cousin in her wedding dress. Finally, the time came for the wedding to start. Sitting with my back pressed against the cold, wooden church pew, the calming smell of lavender and incense surrounded me. I looked around in awe at the beautiful architecture of the church. The tune of the songs were carried up toward the high ceilings of the church; it was like honey to my ears. Suddenly, the big wooden doors to the church opened, and the entire crowd turned and looked. My cousin, Lindsey, gracefully walked down the aisle with her wedding dress flowing behind her. Adrenaline rushed through my veins as I realized that this was the day that I had been waiting for. Everyone’s eyes were filled with tears, including mine. After the ceremony was over, I walked out of the church filled with jubilee. Excitement filled the air as we celebrated Lindsey’s marriage.

After the wedding ceremony was over, I headed to the reception with my family. I ate plenty of food that made my taste buds explode. From steak, to fresh vegetables, to wedding cake and ice cream, my stomach was quite satisfied. My favorite part of the wedding was eating the wedding cake. I closed my eyes as I bit into the soft cake and tasted the sugary icing. I brought the plate up to my nose and smelled the sweet smell of the almond-vanilla wedding cake. It made my mouth water. As I was enjoying my third piece of wedding cake, my little cousin tugged on my arm and pulled me to the dance floor where a jazz band was filling the reception hall with soft jazz music. Soon, my family joined me on the dance floor. I was filled with glee as I danced with my entire family, including my second and third cousins. It felt so good to be reunited with my family while celebrating my cousin on her special day. Eventually, Lindsey and her husband were able to join us on the dance floor. I could not control my laughter as I watched my cousins try to test out their dance moves. Although my feet were blistering from my shoes, Lindsey’s wedding was a night that I have never forgotten. Lindsey’s wedding impacted my life in a positive way because I was able to excitedly welcome her husband into my family. The wedding brought me closer to my extended family because we were able to laugh and enjoy watching each other dance on the dance floor. It changed me because I was able to make memories that would bring me closer to my extended family; I do not get to see them very often because everyone lives in different states. Lindsey’s wedding was a night that I will never forget because of the joy it brought me from fellowshipping and dancing the night away with my family. 

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