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May 10, 2017
By PeyPeyRog BRONZE, Owingsville, Kentucky
PeyPeyRog BRONZE, Owingsville, Kentucky
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Different Views On Colors

I feel that I think about things that never cross some people's mind, and in this project cycle I would like to write about these thoughts.

My first thought is about eyesight and if some people see colors differently. Like I may see blue as green and you might see green as blue and we would never know because we grew up being taught that that color was green and that color was blue.

Just imagine what it would look like for the grass to be blue and the sky to be green. That may be weird to you but if you grew up with it like that you wouldn’t think anything of it because growing up you would be taught that the grass is green and the sky is blue, so even if you didn’t see the same colors as everyone else how would you know? To us it seems strange but they would think it was perfectly normal.

If you want to take it a step further you could say what if we all had the same favorite color but we saw it in different places. For example my favorite color is orange, what if everyone's favorite color looked like orange but they saw it different places, like UK blue for them might be the orange for me. Now if you get lost while reading this I will go ahead and apologize, this is very hard to explain.


Anything Can Be Better
As I have grown up I have played a lot of sports and throughout playing these sports I have been told that you can always get better a couple of times. This saying can really apply to anything in life, not just sports. Since this was in my head i just wanted to write about it because when I get older I want to start my own business and this truly tells me that no matter what business I decide to go into I can always make something better. The technology is always advancing so there are more and more possibilities everyday in every business.

This isn’t as funny or maybe near as fun to read as my other thoughts but it has been in my mind for a long time and since the point of this piece was to write about what was going on in my mind I thought I needed to write about it.

Curse Words
Personally I have always wanted to know what made some words worse than others. I understand that parents don’t want their kids to learn adult things when they’re six but what about the words that have no bad meaning, they’re just considered bad. Just think about it, the B word means a female dog and we consider it a bad word. If someone came up to you and said, “You are a female dog!” you wouldn’t get offended, but if you replaced the female dog part with the B word you would probably gasp and get mad at them.
Some religions have words that aren’t supposed to be said by followers of the religion, such as christianity, with christianity you aren’t supposed to say hell or God in the wrong context. I don’t know of any other religions that tell you you shouldn’t say certain words but I’m willing to put money on the fact there are other religions that have words that aren’t supposed to be said by followers of that religion.

Part 2
For a long time aliens have been a thought and have never been really confirmed. Of course there are people who have claimed to see them but you can never be sure that they saw the real thing. Science has proven that the universe is either never ending or just very, very big so it is natural to believe that there would be more beings out there than just our planet. It’s a very reasonable thought to have but it’s never been proven.

Technology's Relation to Obesity
For all parents, knowing when to give your child access to the internet is difficult. At the same time it gives them access to many hours of entertainment and many sources for knowledge, it also has a very bad side no one wants their kids to see. I didn’t get my first phone until  I was 12 and now that I’m older I think I could've waited a little bit to get a phone, but I will say that when I got my phone I didn’t quit going outside, I spent almost all my summer outside. Today a lot of kids stay inside and play on their phones when it’s 70 degree weather. If you do give your kids these devices I feel you should still encourage them to go outside and play most of the time, you should also try and do all you can to keep them away from the internets bad side by using blocks and always staying around when they are on it, especially children.

American literature
All over America there are different accents and slangs, especially where we are from. A lot of people around here have very strong southern accents, and use a lot of words that people from other parts of the country don't use, such as y'all, or yonder. This accent is given to us by who we hear the most, our parents usually. Not only does our language have a lot of different voices that sound nothing alike, but it has a lot of kinks and weird rules. Something that's always baffled me is why goose is pronounced geese plural but moose is the same when plural. Small things like these make the language hard to learn for people who are just learning and even people who have spoke it their whole life.


If Aliens Did Exist
If Aliens did exist I would believe we have seen them in the sky a few times. Because if aliens existed that would mean that a lot of life that we don't know about existed and some of these planets or aliens would be more advanced than us. They would be able to make it to other planets and see what other life looks like. Life on other planets seems very possible to me, if there is one group of aliens there’s got to be another. If the the universe is as big as we believe it might be the possibilities for other life would be endless, and if we did find proof that another species did exist, it would spark a lot of thought and research to discover more and more outer-Earth species.

Cheerleading is a Sport?
Cheerleading is often argued about whether or not it is a true sport. Since this paper is about my opinions I am going to talk about what makes it a sport and what kind of takes away from it being a sport. Cheerleading is sometimes a competition in most schools, however, some schools don’t compete. I believe this decides whether or not it is a sport, if you go out and compete with schools to see who’s cheerleading team is best then I believe you’re competing enough for cheerleading to be known as a sport. If you’re just cheering on your small-town school at a football game and don’t go out to compete then I think it should not be considered a sport because there's no competition. To sum it up everything that is professionally competed is a sport in my eyes, but there are plenty of other opinions out there.

Where we live it’s called the free country, and some people believe that we aren’t free because we still have laws and this is true to an extent. By our country's definition we are free until we infringe upon another person's freedom. But by textbook definition it is the will to do anything. I feel that his is the best way to explain things since our country couldn’t just let anyone do anything without it being complete madness.

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