My Grandparents Strong Love

May 9, 2017
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Today is May the sixth, two thousand and seventeen. Why am I telling you this? I am telling you this because just two months ago, in the first week of march my great grandpa and grandma both passed. This isn't the beginning of the story though, the beginning (for the reader's best interest) actually takes place the week before on February twenty second. My parents, my brother, and I board our non-stop flight from Ohio to Florida in order to visit family which happens to include my great grandma and grandpa. My great grandma was put into the nursing home about twelve years earlier but my great grandpa was being moved in that day mainly because of immobility. The nursing home was about ten minutes away from their house which was also where we were staying, this made it easier to see them just incase the worst would happen. Now fast forwarding through that week I had a bad cold so for my grandparents best well being and health I made the decision not to go visit them. Throughout the whole week I tried desperately to get better so I could see them because I knew I wouldn't get the chance to until next year. Unfortunately I never did get better until the day we left, and I knew I would indeed have to wait until next year. Once we got home on Saturday I had to finish my vacation homework “generously” given to me by the school, and before I knew it friday morning had rolled around. Classes were slow and easy going as usual (study hall, history, ag, spanish choir….) and then lunch….. I still remember lunch like it was yesterday. The menu was the school's “brick” grilled cheese and that was what I was eating with my friends “Buzzzz” “Buzzzzz”. My grandma was calling, I told my friends I had to take the call so I walked outside and picked it up and that's when she told me… grandpa had passed. I was short of words and in shock so I said thank you and hung up, the rest of the day was a miserable hangover from when I had told my friends what had happened to when I went to bed. The next day was better along with same boring routine mixed in with a hint of sadness, then it happened. It was the end of spanish  and I was getting a call from my grandma almost exactly an hour earlier than the day before. I walked out of spanish and answered the grandma had passed. Two grandparents in two days it was unbearable for a week until I realized that this was something special that doesn't happen often, and that they went to better place together.

The next week I was curious so I got on the web and searched their names Elmer and Ruth, what popped up was amazing. There millions of different websites holding news articles and full page stories about them, they were also in eight different languages as well. March first and second, twenty three hours apart, I knew that what had happened in my family was special but I didn't know that it was this special. 

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