My Favorite Months of the Year

May 9, 2017
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My favorite months of the year are March through June. These are my favorite months because I get to do the one thing that I absolutely love doing. I get to raise and show pigs at my county fair. I get my pigs in March when the are only a few months old. I work with them and take care of them everyday. I go out to the barn twice a day, once in the morning to feed and water them and then in the evening to walk them then feed and water them. Sometimes when it is getting really close to fair, I like to walk them twice a day to make sure that they will walk in the ring when I want them to. My fair starts in the middle of June. The night of animal move in is one of the most stressful nights of the week. My family usually wait until 10 or 11 o’clock to take them in so it is not as hot. You don’t want to take them in when it is hot because then they won’t be a stressed and won’t lose as much weight to where you can’t show them. Monday is another stressful day of the week because you have to weigh in. The weight that the pig needs to be is anywhere from 220 to 280. If you’re pig does not weigh between these amounts you will not be able to show the  pig. This day is also stressful because at my fair pigs are the very last animals to be weighed and it is very stressful because you want to know if you can show or not. On Wednesday of fair week is market classes. During this class the judge is looking at the muscle tone, the way it walks, the hips, and broad in the chest of the pig. On thursday of fair week is showmanship. In this class the judge looks at you. He looks at how you walk it and how well it walks for you. Saturday is a very sad day at fair. This is the day that you sell your pig if you are not taking it home. For the sales you will walk your pig in the arena and people will bid on your pig. After your pig is sold, you get the money and your pig is then taken onto a trailer with the rest of the market pigs. This is a very exciting week for me and it is one that I look forward to every month of the year.

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