Compass of My Life

May 9, 2017
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The direction of North reminds me of my father. My dad is my rock within my life. He is the one who takes care of me and makes me feel safe. Whenever I feel like I’m having trouble in life, I think about all he does for me and how he sacrifices for me to have a great life.


My south is music. When I feel lonely or sad, I listen to music to just get away and allow myself to process whatever it is I am dealing with. I find comfort in how it makes me feel. Sometimes it even helps me to cry, which can occasionally be exactly what you need.

East for me is my Godmother. I tell her everything that goes on in my life. She is always able to give me the best advice and counsel me in my choices. She helps me whenever I feel confused or need help with a problem.
Finally, my West is my sister. She is my emotional support. My sister is always there for me, no matter how big of a fight we get into. We depend on one another for everything. Even though I’m the older sister, I look up to her as much as she looks up to me.

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