Moving Away

May 9, 2017
By tanny12 BRONZE, Mount Sterling, Ohio
tanny12 BRONZE, Mount Sterling, Ohio
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" If you give a poor man a fish, he will have food for one day. If you teach the man how to fish he will have food for a lifetime."

Elementary school is where it all started. Where my life really started to began. Where I learned concepts and teachings of what I need for life. I met friends. Little did I know, they were going to mean everything to me. I would grow up with them. Take a bullet for them in a heartbeat. I grew up with my best friend, Trey. He was my neighbor. He meant everything to me and I meant everything to him. We spent each and every day with each other. I would go to his basketball games and track meets, and he would come to my soccer games. Middle school is where my friends started evolving. I have lost some and gained some. The friends that I have gained were my family. We spent every weekend with each other. When we couldn’t be with each other we would call or Facetime one another. I would have a bunch of people tell me and them that they were jealous of how close we were. Gifts were given on random days. When a person would be down in the dumps we would grab them and help them up. We let nobody feel like they weren’t worth it. We avoiding dating other people so we would have time for each other. Nothing mattered except our friendship. We were dreading the last days of 8th grade. Why? I was moving. I cried the whole last day of school. We had a group hug that day. I never wanted to let go. I couldn’t. I didn’t care if the bus left me. The only thing that I didn’t want to leave is my friends. Puddles of tears were beneath our feet. Summer hit. I’m now in a new house. Hours away from them. With no neighbors so I couldn’t meet anybody new. But then again, I didn’t want to. How could I meet new people when I have left the only people I want to be with? The beginning of Highschool was approaching. Nobody knew who I was. I didn’t talk to anybody. I was scared. Of what you might ask? I was scared that my friends were replacing me. That thought has never left my head until this day. To this day, people at my school think I’m weird because I’m quiet. Those are the people who have been at this school since they were in elementary school. They don’t know what I have been through. It’s hard. Not fun. People ask, “ Why are you so quiet?” I answer with a simple response, “ I’m shy “. Which usually I’m not shy. At all. I’m shy of what people might think of me. I have made some new friends throughout the school year. But no friend of mine here is ever going to compare to my friends back from my old school. No other memories will be cherished more than my memories with my bestfriends.

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