Rockettes Rocked My World

May 9, 2017
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Having just woken up in The Big Apple, I peer out of my hotel window and am greeted with the invigorating view of the hustle and bustle of Times Square. After taking in this incredible sight, I prepare for the exciting day ahead of me. My slick-back high pony tail and over the top performance makeup, in conjunction with my form-fitting navy blue leotard, improve my confidence and give me a sense of euphoria, which remain with me throughout the course of the action packed day. With my dance bag and camera bag weighing me down, I take my first steps out of the hotel and into the overwhelming city streets of New York City. On the eight block journey to the marvelous Radio City Music Hall, I cannot cease contemplating how much I truly adore the city, and I even envision myself residing here in the future. Well, the walk, which seemed like an eternity, finally ends, and I find myself standing directly under the illuminated sign that notifies all tourists that this location is the home of the world-renowned Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. After waiting outside on this brisk morning, I eventually take my first steps into the extravagant building; however, I have no idea that my life would soon change because of watching the breath-taking performance of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in their New York Spectacular.

Since I am a part of the All Star Dancers with Artistic Adventures, I am suddenly greeted by an enormous bucket of buttery, delicious popcorn and led to my warm, comfortable seat, which is positioned directly in front of center stage. After taking my seat, I notice that the intricate design of the stage and encompassing panels resemble a beaming sun providing radiance to all. It feels like I am sitting in my seat for merely five seconds before the curtains rise and lights dim because all of my attention is diverted to admiring the minute details of the music hall. As I avert my eyes to the stage, I behold thirty six stunning dancers moving completely in sync wearing glossy, yellow raincoats and knee high boots. All of sudden, rain begins to pour from the ceiling as the skilled dancers do not skip a beat while dancing to “Singing in the Rain.” Before I know it, dancers are in the audience frolicking in the aisles while wearing vivid colors, and singers are using their harmonious voices to convey the message that unity is essential to having a joyous life. Tears begin to roll down my face instantaneously because I enter into a state of pure happiness. Following this scene, an enormous statue of the Statue of Liberty enters the stage as I watch the iconic Rockette kickline. What a sight! I am mesmerized by the costumes as sparkly as a mirror, lines as straight as a board, and kicks as high as the sky. Unfortunately, the glimmering curtain falls, and the tasteful music fades to silence, and the lights regain brightness. These occurrences signify that the show has come to a close, so I must now physically leave the place where my heart will forever be.

As I leisurely walk out of Radio City Music Hall, I am, once again, greeted by the hustle and bustle of the busy New York streets. During the walk back to Times Square, I contemplate how impactful the New York Spectacular was to me. I realize that the show further enforced my intention of living in New York when I am older because of my newfound goal of becoming a Rockette backup dancer. However, I discern that the show most impacted my life by revealing that I must live in the moment to achieve happiness. While watching the Rockettes New York Spectacular in Radio City Music Hall, I truly sat back, relaxed, took in the moment, and found happiness; therefore, I make a conscious effort to focus on one day at a time in hopes of finding this same happiness.

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