Saying Goodbye

May 8, 2017
By avaaccardo BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
avaaccardo BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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A moment in my life that has made a large impact on me was when I had to say goodbye to my sister when she moved to college. Throughout my entire life, my sister Ashley has always been around to help with my problems and be my best friend. Even though my sister and I have our arguments, we have always been very close. Saying goodbye to her and watching her leave was a bittersweet moment that has changed my life without her being there on a daily basis.

When the summer of 2016 was coming to an end, it was time for my sister Ashley to move to Baton Rouge to further her education at college. I was excited for Ashley to experience new adventures, but at the same time, I knew I would miss her dearly. It was a typical humid, muggy day in Metairie when my mother, Ashley, and I all helped to load Ashley’s little white car and my Mom’s car with all of the clothes and necessities that Ashley would be putting into her dorm room. The three of us moved items from Ashley’s room into the cars until the room was nearly empty. Now that everything was packed and my mom and sister were ready to head to Baton Rouge, I knew it was time to say goodbye. Since I was unable to go on the drive with my mom and sister to Baton Rouge, my sister and I said our goodbyes at our house. While standing in the grass next to her car, I gave her a long hug, realizing that from this moment on, I would not get to see her every day. After I spoke the word “bye,” I realized this was really the end. It became evident to me that our childhood days were over, and we would likely never be living under the same roof again. Hugging and telling my big sister “bye” in the middle of our driveway made these thoughts of how our lives were never going to be the same become a reality. I knew in this moment that I would have to get used to not seeing my sister every day, and that my life daily life would be different. After the hug was over and my sister said goodbye back to me, my mom and sister went in their cars and drove to Baton Rouge. Walking back into my house from outside felt bitter-sweet since I was happy for my sister to start her college adventures, but still saddened that I would not see her as much. Although saying goodbye was a difficult action to complete, I knew that my sister would still be a part of my life and this season in life would be very exciting for her.

Although hugging my sister and saying goodbye to my sister was a simple moment, the effects of saying goodbye have influenced my life this year without her. When my sister went to school with me, I felt as if I was never alone and that I always had someone that knew what was going on in that crazy school. My sister would always turn in forms that I didn’t want to turn in for myself or find ways for me to finish my service hours. I also don’t get to eat the delicious food she always cooked after school, and hear her sing along to musical theater for hours every day around the house. Even though I miss being around my quirky, loud sister all the time, her absence from my daily life has taught me to become more responsible. Since she has been gone this year, I’ve had to learn to act more like an adult and do things on my own, instead of relying on her to do favors for me all the time. Since Ashley would do so many favors for me throughout my life, I have had to put aside my laziness and learn how to make do by myself. Ever since this simple hug and goodbye, my daily life feels significantly different, as the presence of my sister is no longer around as much. Although I do miss her around, I am glad that her life at college is going well and that saying goodbye is a part of life and growing up.

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This piece is about my sister leaving for college.

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