Life Sometimes

May 7, 2017
By Anonymous

My name is better not to be mentioned.I have always been the quiet one.the person you would see sitting in the corner while you're chatting with your group of friends.but what can I say to you that you will feel interesting? What interesting thing should I speak to you that will make you my friend?all my life I have only seen people get bored of me eventually. If you want to see something interesting, I will describe to you a glimpse in my mind.rainbow colours sparkle through a lake as I jump to it with a scream. Green represents it freshness in the morning sun with diamonds attached to its end. The morning stops as the sun comes through, painting the sky with red and orange. But I'm well aware, that you don't find this interesting. Its like describing a poem probably nothing to do with life. What else you do not see when you are talking with your friends? That I struggle with life every single day. As I would return home,you would see me yet would not be able to predict what would happen next. I would open the door ,sigh as I see my parents screaming at each other again. You will never know or my parents, the hurt I feel when I close the door, or the years that falls down my cheeks. All I want to say is that please don't judge me before you even know me. I am not an enemy. Or dulled. All you have to do is start with something. You will know me soon enough.

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