The City I'd Never Been To

May 6, 2017

The city I’d never been to was beautiful, though maybe I only thought that because of how new it was.  I had always had an affinity for new things, even if, in reality, they were quite old. They were new to me, and what was new to me was simultaneously fascinating to me; this old city was the most new and fascinating place I had ever been to.

For nearly an hour, we sat atop this peak that looked out over the ever so famous Golden Gate Bridge. We weren’t there for long before the fog began to roll in, practically devouring the towering bridge. Even after it was no longer visible, though, I continued to snap as many picture as I possibly could --- I had to savour that moment. I didn’t know when I would get another one like it. I didn’t know when I would be able to gaze over the masterpiece that was this decades-old bridge. However, once the fog had rolled in enough, my family and I decided it was time, at last, to drive over the bridge.

On our way down from the peak, I continued to snap picture, careful not to drop my phone out the window. For being in such a fast-moving car, the pictures I was able to take were beautiful, but then again, I thought everything about this bridge was beautiful. The bright red that looks almost gold in the sunlight, surrounded by miles and miles of the new day’s fog that just rolled in from the bay; it was beyond beautiful.

Driving across it was like a dream, as silly as that may sound. I practically had my head sticking out the window, trying to take pictures, take a video, savour the moment, all at once. It was freezing, having been attacked by the harsh wind and the damp fog, but my God, was it worth it --- because after we drove across the bridge, we got into the city of San Francisco.

The city I’d never been to was just as fascinating as I had expected. There was building after building after building, no open land in sight. The buildings were all so identical, yet so different at the same time. They were so identical in shape, in size, but so different in colour, in their stories. I wanted to know the stories between each and every one of them. I wanted to know who had live in them, what had happened in them --- I wanted to know everything about every building within the city, but I settled for simply being able to gaze upon them and their beauty.

Since we only had about an hour to spend within the city, we decided that the one thing we were going to see was Ghirardelli Square. Who knew that San Francisco had an entire area dedication to Ghirardelli? San Francisco n entire area dedicated to chocolate! it was a reason to love the city all the more! Ultimately, we had only meant to spend a few minutes wandering the square, but once we went inside, we got a bit sidetracked. We bought chocolate, we ate ice cream cones, hot fudge sundaes, milkshakes --- it was glorious! By the time we actually got out of there, though, it had been nearly two hours.

Even after that, we didn’t leave. Instead, we decided to walk around the city a bit. We caught a glimpse of Alcatraz, stepped into a shop or two to buy some souvenirs, and even caught a look at Fisherman’s Wharf. It was all fascinating. I’d never seen anything like it all before.

I think the best part it, though, was the fact that we did it all for me. The only reason we drove down through San Francisco was for me. I had wanted to see something new, so my family made sure that I did. I didn’t see a whole lot, no, not compared to what there is to see in San Francisco, but what I did see was all for me, and it was all truly fascinating.

The city I’d never been to was beautiful, and maybe I say that because there is still so much of it I have yet to see. There is still so much of it that is new, even if, in reality, it is quite old. I am going to see much more of this city, and I know exactly when --- May 26th, you are a much awaited day.

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