Forever Confirmed

May 3, 2017
By LaurenRivera BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
LaurenRivera BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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When I woke up on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, I did not know my life would change. I jumped out of my warm bed and started my day as if the day was normal.  Brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, driving to school, and going to class filled my mind, but not a thought about my life changing crossed my mind.  When the school bell rang at the end of the day, I quickly maneuvered around the crowd of girls in the hall. I hopped in my car and drove home with my sister in my white Chevrolet. Blaring music and singing filled the car. When my sister and I arrived home, we rushed to our two-story house, unlocked the door, and ran up the stairs. Breathing heavy, my sister and I turned on the flat iron and put on our makeup. Dressed and ready, I imagined the intimate connection I would feel with the Lord through the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

Standing anxiously in the cafeteria at St. Mary Magdalen School, my friends and I took a few pictures. All of a sudden, my attention veered towards the glass doors. In came Bishop Cheri with his large wooden cane and large white hat. My jaw dropped, and I could not believe I stood in the presence of Bishop Cheri. With his red and colorful vestments on, Bishop Cheri politely introduced himself, and he began talking to the candidates about the importance of Confirmation.  Bishop Cheri’s politeness and strong advice blew me away because I have never encountered someone in the flesh who was exceptionally moving and encouraging. After Bishop Cheri exited the cafeteria, my head turned quickly to the loud voice of the head leader announcing the names of candidates. In alphabetical order, the other candidates and I stood ready to walk into the crowded church.  As my confirmation class walked over to the church, I could hear my heels clicking, and my body started to sweat. As we entered the church, my body began to sweat even more.  Eyes peered at me as I walked down the aisle.   My heart grew heavy because all of the candidates and I were the centers of attention. Turning into my pew to sit, I felt comforted and relaxed by the presence of my sponsor.  My sponsor gave me a huge, illuminating smile, showing that she admired my decision of receiving this sacrament. As the priest, deacons, altar servers, and Bishop processed down the center aisle, the members of the church sang a beautiful hymn. The tone of everyone’s voices filled my ears. As the mass continued, my time to receive the Holy Spirit grew closer. My heart beated rapidly. Eventually, Bishop Cheri rose from his seat to proclaim the good news through the homily. Energetic and encouraging, Bishop Cheri flooded the audience with life lessons and advice. During the homily, Bishop Cheri invited all the candidates and the members of the church to rise and join him in singing a catchy hymn. We all shouted, “Come Holy Spirit! Come on in the room!” My heart immediately filled with joy, and my smile shined so bright people could see my smile from miles away. I could not hold my joy in because everyone in the church was pumped and united.  Shortly after singing, Bishop Cheri walked to the center aisle and instructed the candidates to come forward to be confirmed. The first row of candidates received the sacrament.  Staring at the movements of Bishop Cheri, I remained next in line.  My sister, who stood in front of me, received the sacrament, and I could not wait any longer.  My sister walked off, and I hurried towards Bishop Cheri. Bishop Cheri looked me straight in the eye. I thought to myself, “All of my hard work and dedication has paid off! I am officially being confirmed into the Catholic Church. What an accomplishment!” My sponsor laid her right hand on my right shoulder. Located approximately three inches away from Bishop Cheri’s face, I anxiously waited for Bishop Cheri to spread the oil on my forehead. A  couple seconds later, Bishop Cheri dipped two fingers into the Chrism oil and made the sign of the cross on my forehead. The lavender smell made my nostrils tingle. As Bishop Cheri smeared the thick oil on my forehead, Bishop Cheri looked me straight in the eyes. Bishop Cheri exclaimed, “St. Therese of Lisieux be sealed with the Holy Spirit.” Excitedly and confidently, I responded, “Amen.” Shortly after my response of “Amen,” Bishop Cheri stated, “And peace be with you,” and I responded “And with your spirit.” Bishop Cheri stood less than an inch away from my face.  This close interaction allowed me to feel the strong power of the Lord. I humbly walked back to my seat and pondered about how my life just changed.  Being confirmed allowed me to become an active adult member of the Catholic Church. I could not wait to help and inspire others through my growing faith.

As I left the church, I headed back to the cafeteria for refreshments and pictures. Constant thoughts about how my life changed ran through my head. My family and friends ran up to me and gave me huge hugs. Hugs from my family and friends made me even more excited because I knew my family and friends supported me through the whole experience. Most importantly, I realized that my life consisted of a closer relationship with the Lord.  Through Confirmation, the gifts of the Holy Spirit were stirred inside of me, allowing me to empower others to live a life filled with love and sacrifices, just as Jesus did. My confirmation allowed me to look at situations and events in a more mature, Catholic way. I was so ecstatic that my Confirmation changed my life and the lives of others forever.

The author's comments:

My Confirmation has really affected my life by promting me to help others and myself.

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