Sister Sisters

May 2, 2017
By briannamilligan1 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
briannamilligan1 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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I walked into work, like every other day that I did, instantly regretting ever putting in a job application here. I walked into the back, put on my apron, and clocked in. Before I knew it, I was standing at the counter beginning my 5 hour shift. Nothing was different about that day, I was ready to go home before my the first hour of my shift was over. As I am taking orders from customers, I am also thinking about what I am going to eat, what I am going to do after my shift, and when I am going to quit. As I finish an order with a customer, I notice a lady staring at me. My mind shifts to what could be wrong: Did I skip her in line? Is there something on my face? Did someone else make her order wrong? She ends up walking away and I forget about it. A few minutes later she comes back up to the counter and asks me what my name is. I reply, “Brianna,” and she immediately smiles so bright. Confused, I wait for her response, “Hi Brianna! I’m Nicole.” I was used to random people on my dad’s side knowing who I was and never knowing who they were. “Oh,” I replied, “How are we related?” Now, she looks more confused than I was. “I am your sister!” At this point, I knew I had two sisters on my dad’s side, but I knew nothing about them. I did not know their age, their names, what they looked like. It had been 6 years since I had even seen my dad and now I was meeting my sister while I was working.

Ever since that moment, I was eternally grateful for my job. I was thankful that because of my job, my two sisters were brought into my life. My whole life changed because now I have two amazing sisters, two nephews, a niece, and a third nephew on the way. My oldest sister, Nicole, is 30 years old and she has two sons, Nick and Noah. My other sister, Corin, is 27 years old and she has a daughter, Cate, and a baby boy on the way, Camden. Nick is 13, Noah is 10, and Cate is 5. The summer after I met my sisters, I spent many days babysitting my two nephews and getting to know them.

Through this experience, I have created a relationship with my sisters that probably would not have been formed without my job. I knew nothing about them, and I never knew that I had nephews and nieces. Good things truly can come from places that you do not even know possible. This experience taught me that God brings you where you need to be at just the right time. He puts the people that you need into your life, while also taking the bad people out. I am grateful for my old job, for my sisters, and for my nephews and nieces. They have changed my life for the better and I am beyond thankful.

The author's comments:

I hope that people will understand how everything happens for a reason.

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