Who Used All the Hot Water?

May 1, 2017
By TessaN BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
TessaN BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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My family and I have busy lives, which makes it hard for us to fit in showers for everyone on the weekdays. My sister and I have extracurricular activities in the afternoons and plenty of homework every night. In addition, I have dance classes on some evenings. My dad works until five every day, and my mom works from home. At five-thirty, my family eats dinner. Then, on some nights, I go to dance class at seven and do not get home until nine-thirty. When I get home, my family members have not taken their showers yet, because my sister is doing homework, my dad is doing paperwork, and my mom is doing various tasks around the house. This means that all of us have to try to cram showers into a reasonable amount of time, but what usually happens is that someone does not get to shower on that particular night. This also causes us to get to bed late, because we are all waiting to take our showers. Another problem is that only one person at a time can take a shower, because if we try to use both of our showers at the same time, someone will be taking a cold shower. Also, in our house, showers are met with a negative reaction. Sometimes, we simply do not feel like showering. An additional problem is that no one wants to interrupt what he or she is doing in order to take his or her shower. It is very hard to stop in the middle of a task in order to take a shower. Especially for me, I like to shower after I have finished all my homework so that I can go to bed right after I finish my shower and not have to worry about any more homework. Showers are a problem in our house because they are always done late at night, they cause people to stay up later than necessary, and they usually end with someone not getting to shower that night.

My solution is to have my family take showers throughout the day instead of everyone showering at night. My mom could take her shower sometime during the day while my sister and I are at school and my dad is at work. She could take her shower when she takes a break from her work. My sister and I could rotate taking showers in the morning. Some mornings I could take a shower, and other mornings my sister could. My dad and whichever one of us did not shower in the morning could take their showers in the evening. Someone could also take his or her shower after dinner, before he or she started another task, and thus avoid being distracted by other things and putting off his or her shower. This solution could also be changed when needed. For example, if neither my sister nor I were able to take a shower in the morning, one or both of us could shower in the evening, before dinner. This solution is very flexible and can be changed and modified if needed on a particular day. 

With this solution, there would only be two family members who would have to take a shower in the evening, and this would allow those of us who have already taken a shower to go to bed early. Also, with this solution, everyone would get to shower every day, and no one would have to skip a shower. This solution would allow us to do what we need to do every evening without having to be stressed about the process of taking showers and where showers fit in with each family member’s schedule.  It would allow my sister or me to take a shower in the morning and my mom to take her shower when she takes a break from her work during the day. In the evening, instead of four people having to shower, there would be only two, and they would not be as pressured to fit their showers into their schedules. If one person would take their shower right after dinner, then he or she would have the rest of the evening to finish his or her tasks. This would leave the last person to take his or her shower whenever his or her tasks were done. This solution is a more efficient way of getting showers done for the whole family. It also ensures that every person will have hot water for his or her shower, and no one will have to yell, “Who used all the hot water?”

The author's comments:

I presented a problem in my house and wrote about what I thought would be a good solution to the problem. I hope people can apply the solution I give to thier lives, if this is a problem in their house. 

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