My First Job

May 1, 2017
By , Mount Airy, MD

Being the youngest of four, I witnessed all my siblings go through the transition of becoming an adult and I desperately wanted the same thing. I was convinced that all I wanted was to grow up with them and discover what I was going to do with my life. Unfortunately, I was several years behind them and still had a lot of school to complete. Now that my future is approaching rapidly, I realize that I am terrified of what comes next. I knew my transition from childhood to adulthood was beginning when I was offered my job at IHOP. Ever since my simple conversation with the manager took place, I started receiving an alarming number of responsibilities from this unbelievable opportunity. My job has led me to feel more independent and has opened me up to new experiences that would have terrified a younger version of myself.

The whole process began when I submitted my application while I was eating at IHOP with my friends. I did not think much of the commitment at the time, but it has become a roller coaster that I do not seem to want to get off. I set up an interview with the manager and he decided he wanted to double train me as a host and server. Although I was thrilled to start training, I felt nervous getting onto my first ride and had no clue what to expect. I started off really shy and not knowing where to go, what to do, or who to talk to. I was trained as a host during the weekend and as a server during the week. I have met so many different people with varying cultures that fascinate me. Everyone that I work with is so friendly and easy to talk to, especially when I need help. It is strange to think that only a month ago I did not know some of my new good friends. I would have never imagined becoming acquainted with some of these people, considering how different our lives are. Applying to IHOP was probably the best decision I have made and I confirm that hypothesis every time I work and see how incredible my coworkers are.

Getting a job has not only made me more responsible and introduced me to new people, but it has also led me to new experiences that have strengthened who I am as an independent young adult. My father and I had to go to a bank and sign up for my first debit card. This account has not only layered another responsibility on me, but it has also shown me a whole world of money that I have never actually understood. I learned so much from my banker and now I am practicing how to manage my money efficiently. I also became more independent when I discovered that I do not always have a ride to and from work and that I need to find some way to get to where I need by myself. Some days I walk almost two miles to work and other days I pay for an Uber to pick me up. Taking my first Uber ride really scared me but was actually completely safe and pleasant. I was independent setting up the ride and following through with it, and it was definitely a step towards adulthood.

Transitioning to the next stage in my life may be terrifying, but it is shaping me into a better person with new experiences and responsibilities. Since I just started recently, I know I still have a lot to learn and I am accepting the massive commitment I have made. Although my job gets stressful and exhausting at times, it is all worth it, smelling like syrup with the most admirable people I know.

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