A Foreign Excursion

May 1, 2017
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This is a story about an unexpected adventure

Chapter 1: excursion

Trying or doing something for the first time can be a little scary. It may involve taking risks or just hoping for the best. I know when I first got the opportunity to travel by cruise to a different country, I was nervous. It was my first time ever leaving the United States and traveling somewhere completely unknown to me. Traveling to a new place for the first time may be a little frightening, but I am glad I went out of the country to Cozumel, Mexico.
Waves crashed back and forth between the dock and the ship. Fellow passengers took in our future destination from the top deck. For many it may have been the first time leaving the United States, I was one of those people. I took one step onto the wooden floorboard and my heart dropped. The ship’s water slides towered over me as waiters rushed by with food in hand ready to be served. Shrieks of joy sounded from each kid ready for their thrilling new adventure. After two days full of excitement and amazement of all the ship had to offer, the cruise ship’s walls finally felt unmoving. We packed together in lines waiting for our cards to be scanned and our foreign trip to begin. As I hopped off the sturdy ramp, I could not believe what I was witnessing. The booming yet peaceful and rhythmic music of Mexico was waiting and greeting each new passenger as they arrived. We were not in the United States anymore. Bystanders and locals of Mexico plodded on by as if seeing a cruise ship arriving full of tourists was an everyday thing. My friend and I hurried through the crowd. We were ready to discover what special event her parents had planned for the day. We bound into a rental car, taking us to our surprise destination. As the car sped by, sounds of Hispanic melodies were audible. Shimmering, the blue ocean was visible from a mile away, along with the gritty and tan beach home to Mexico. I spotted what looks to be an inflatable ascending from the top of the water. I could not wait to see what this day had in store. Receiving wristbands, my friend and I trudged through the ocean water leading to the giant inflatable ready to be climbed. We shouted screams of joy as we took turns leaping into the deep blue. Ready to take a break, we arrived back to shore where we plopped down in the cabana seats from exhaustion. After a much-needed hiatus, we were ready to take on the ocean again and go snorkeling. Flashes of color were visible as the Gulf’s underwater creatures swam on by. Once our excursion time had ended, we boarded back onto the ship. We were quick to hurry up to the balcony to watch the foreign country cut in the distance. We waved goodbye as we awaited our journey back home and the end of a perfect vacation.
Going out of the country for the first time was a bit scary, but after taking the risk I am glad I did. I made many new experiences and had a whole lot of fun while hanging out with my best friend. This new adventure opened me up to the different cultures from around the world. It gave me an insight on how others live in different countries. Although it was kind of nerve-racking at first, I would not trade this trip for the world.

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