Why Me?

April 13, 2017
By Anonymous

 It was one summer day in the year of 2014 we were all hungry and hot it felt like we were dying of starvation and that we needed a snowcone. So my mother and I went and out and bought some Chinese food and a snowcone while the rest of my family members order a 1 large pepperoni and 1 large hamburger pizza from Marco’s Pizza. When we headed over my grandma house we all sat down at the table and enjoyed our delicious food and snowcone. By the time we were done we started playing music from the huge speaker my uncle bought from best buy. It was so cool it lights up and you can be a DJ if you wanted too. We played all types of music like R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Jazz and sorts of other kinds.

We had so much fun, but for some reason, my grandpa was in his room lying in his bed looking sad like someone just stole his best friend, he wasn’t having any fun with us. By this time it was 7:00 p.m. all my cousins and I came outside to go see some of our friends, but before our friends came we just sat there on our phones looking at stuff on facebook, twitter, Instagram, and snap chat.  Then all of a sudden a black truck pulled into the driveway. I thought it was one of our friends but it wasn’t. It was an old man sitting in the car I guess waiting for someone to come outside so, my grandpa had come outside and grabbed a liquor bottle from the man who was sitting in the car, then went back inside the house like nothing ever happened. All of sudden probably an hour had passed by, my grandpa had thrown an empty bottle out into the yard and it shattered. My grandpa who’s only 55 years old had to drink the whole bottle of brown liquor in a big gulp. I knew his throat was burning with fire because whiskey is a strong drink. Later on that night it around 9:00 p.m  the stars were bright and me my friends were hanging out and having fun we just being some goofballs.

About 15 minutes later my grandpa came outside with the pizza box my cousins had eaten from but for some odd reason, he started acting crazy. We are all terrified and confused and don’t know what to do he come charging at me like a bull. He threw the pizza box at me and said: “next time you finish that disgusting pizza throw it in the trash” some looking confused I spoke up which was a bad idea and said, “I didn’t eat any pizza, I had Chinese food me and my mom”.  When he was talking to me I could smell the alcohol on his breath, it smelled like whiskey, I just kept backing up towards the trees, but he kept moving closer towards me as if he was about to start choking or beating me and I was correct. He threw me down into an ant pile, thank god there were no ants inside and he started kicking me in my stomach and chest, finally, he picked me up like I only weighed 3 lbs and threw me towards my mother car. I kept screaming for help but my cousins were very frightened of what’s going on.

Finally, my favorite uncle and my mom came towards the car and said “not again” they grabbed my grandpa but he ran back up with his belt and started swinging on me but my mother was my shield so she took the licks for me. My uncle threw my grandpa back towards the street, while they could get on my but I could barely stand up and walk back towards the house. The ambulance came, I was in the truck they were touching and looking at the bruises on my body, I just sat there moaning and groaning. When I was at the hospital this cute doctor came back and told me “I’m sorry ma’am but you have three broken ribs and your jaw is very swollen”.All I could do was cry and think to myself “why me?” “what did I do so wrong for him to hurt me?”.

While we're still at the hospital I asked my mom “what did you and my uncle mean when y’all said not again” and she finally told me this story that made cry even worse. I was in so much pain, and stitches but she finally told me the story. She finally said “When my mom was 14 years my father which is your grandfather, he did the same thing to me except mine was unpleasant. I was in a coma for 3 days but it seems like years I had 3 and stitches across my forehead, I can’t even remember half of the stuff that happened all I know is that he was furious with me because I didn’t like his new girlfriend. Next thing I know I’m in the hospital fighting for my life, but the police never could catch him he ran away just like he ran away when he beat you.”  All I can do is cry even more because he still out there somewhere and this could happen to me again. After being in the hospital for 3 days I was released, I went home and wrapped myself up with some kind of tape, so my ribs could get better and put some neosporin on my face for the bruises and took some medicine for the pain.

I laid down and got some rest I slept for almost 12 hours I could only eat Chicken Noodle Soup or Chocolate Ice Cream, it seemed good and fun, but sometimes I would want some real food like hamburgers, nachos, pizza or soul food, it took me almost a month half before I could eat real food. It was nearly 3 weeks before I came back  over my grandma house, when I walked in the house everyone came up to me telling me how much they miss and giving me hugs and flowers and things. Then I asked “Where is he?...Is he still gone?” then my auntie said “he’s in the room sleeping he said he was sorry and he would never touch you again” but I didn’t believe him because he told my mother the same thing. My auntie always took up for my grandpa whatever he did she will make him seem he hasn’t done nothing wrong.

When my sister came from being with her father in Dallas, she wanted to go see our grandpa so badly because she missed him so much so we let her. She asked us “Aren’t you going to come in and say Hi to grandpa” I shook my head no and sat in the car until she came out the house. When she got in the car she said “What’s going on?..Why didn’t y’all come speak to grandpa?”. Then I finally told her “Remember when I told you that I got into a fight with someone and that’s why my ribs are broken and my jaw is hurting...well the truth is grandpa beat me about one month ago, he was very drunk, but mom and uncle walter jumped in the middle and tried to stop it but he started hitting her with the belt”. My sister destiny began crying and said “why didn’t you tell me truth…I would've believed you” then I said “it’s not that, it’s just I didn’t want you to dislike him because of what happened , and don’t get me wrong I still love him it just hurt so bad.” About 4 months later I finally spoke to my grandpa , it was kind of awkward but I could tell that he was sorry and he was hurt for what he did to me and his daughter.

This moment is a moment that I will never be able to forget because it was so scary and a light flashed before my eyes. Plus he always told never let a man put his hands or they was going to deal with him. I was his first grandchild the one he always spoiled and he took great care of me while my mom was at work. Whenever I wanted or needed something he was always there, it seemed like I was a miracle child or something because my family said they never seem him that happy before. When the whole beating thing happened I just couldn’t believe that he would even put his hands on me or use any other objects to hurt me. Now my grandpa 58 years old, is sitting in jail for doing what he did to me and my mom and for carrying a deadly weapon. I relationship is now kind of bumpy, I mean I will talk to him sometimes or even wave, but now I have see him behind a glass window.

The author's comments:

This is piece is about my struggle I went through with my grandpa it's very sad and I think you should hear my story. My friend told me to tell my story so it can stop hurting me inside.

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