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March 30, 2017
By , Menlo Park, CA

One day in the evening almost night and cold outside like a person in a freezer, I was laying down on my bed, in my room. I heard my dad talking over on the phone and I heard my dad talking to my aunt over something serious, but I didn't quite know what it was about. Later, heard it was something to do with the cops, and that my dad was going over there for something, where my aunt lived. I decided to go and check out what was going on like when i went to the doctor to get checked out. We got there and my cousins were upset and feeling down like the day they got their phones taken away. The cops were there and my uncle was outside with them like when he was outside the day before fixing the railing. My aunt was crying inside and my cousins were traumatized and sad like if they saw a tiger and it was about to eat them. My aunt claimed she got hit by my uncle and she passed a little because he was mad, but in my opinion she didn't look so convincing. Then the cops talked to her and my cousin agreed that he hit my aunt. Next, they went outside and started talking to him and I helped him by translating and talking for him. He said that he didn’t hit her and he moved his elbow when he was leaving the house and hit her by accident if he did hit her, he kept saying it but the cops wouldn’t believe him and they arrested him, they said, ”Sir you are being arrested for domestic abuse. ” My dad and I weren’t sure if it was the truth my aunt seemed weird about it and my cousins did too. Lastly, I still think that she lied because what a coincidence they are together now like if nothing happened. I learned that cops are usually going to believe the woman no matter how hard the guy tries to say that it wasn’t him they are still going to arrest him.

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