Justice System Unfair

March 30, 2017
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Police, “Hey kid put your hands up.” miguel, “Why.” I said, “PUT YOUR HANDS UP”


On a cold rainy night I was walking to downtown with some of my friends. Looking at the stars up in the sky, Miguel was one of those typical guys nice smile, nice clothes, and nice personally. There was 5 friends with us when this happened we were in a good mood laughing and running around. We saw police walking around asking people questions in uniforms with guns. Miguel got a phone call from his mom he said, “Sorry but my mom is calling i'll be right back.” so my friends and i walked away to give him a little space. My friend and I were watching him to see if he's okay and nothing bad happens to him. He ended the call saw us and started walking towards us. The police came out of nowhere and grabbed Miguel and put him in ground saying “You are under arrest” without telling him why he was. Miguel was fighting to get away from the police who was hurting him. He was accused of carrying weed and smoking it under the age. We were all scared and watching what the police would do next while we were all scared while they put a gun to his head. They took him, pushed him in the car and took him away, So we didn't see him until the next day. We were all looking at each other surprised and scared. Wondering why they treated him so bad. He came the next and told us how bad they treated him and how they left him all with hand marks. I thought the justice system was fair to all the people knowing what they did to him wasn't okay. He got out of jail because he proved the cops wrong. To this day we still talk to each other and just look at where we left off in all this mess.

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