April 18, 2017
By Kyliechristie1 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Kyliechristie1 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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In life there are hundreds of rules, big and small. All of these rules only help to a certain extent. Marijuana is illegal here but people still abuse it. It is illegal to harm someone else but people still do that. It is illegal to steel but people still do that. These are laws that have major consequences but there are other rules that your parents give to you like a bedtime or that you have to get strait A’s or that your curfew is 10. These rules come with consequences too but they usual aren't as big. These rules only influence me to a certain extent. I follow these rules because I don't want my phone taken or because I want to hang out with my friends or because I want to have freedom. I don't follow these rules because I think that they are helping me or preventing me from anything. I set my own rules for myself and I listen to those. I am not going to ditch school. Im not going to smoke. Im not going to underage drink. Im going to go to college. What I want is very similar to what my parents want but if it wasn't I wouldn't follow their rules. My life is purely my life, your life is purely your life. I am under 18 and it is a “law” that I have to do what my parents or guardians tell me to do. I hate having to ask them if I can hang out with a friend I hate having to check in and tell them where I am all of the time. I feel a dog that doesn't have a dog door. Dogs can only leave the house when there owner opens for door or takes them on a walk. I feel as if my life isn't my life because I don't get to make my own decisions.

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