What Is Love?

April 13, 2017
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Sure, I’ve read hundreds of romance novels. But I’ve never kissed anyone. Never had a boyfriend. I used to think that was a bad thing. Is there something wrong with me? Will I never experience love?

But wait, I have experienced love. I can find love in the way my dad always make me laugh. In the way I can always count on my mom to help me with anything, and cheer me up when I get sad. I can find love in the way I always want to protect my brother, no matter how obnoxious he is sometimes.  In the way that I feel a piece of me is missing whenever one of them is gone.

From what I’ve read of love, this sounds like it to me. So, I know what love is, but I still want to find someone to love just as deeply and who will love me back the same. I thought I found it, but then I took a closer look and found just the love of a friend.

Today I am content with what I have.Knowing I am going to lose so much has given me a deeper appreciation for what I have right now. But I still want to find that special someone. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

But I do believe that I, and everyone else on this planet,deserves to find love. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you love, you deserve it. So, go find love. But be patient knowing you will find it someday.

I do believe that somewhere ,there is someone out there waiting for me. But right now I am content with the love I have. And I am going to try ,very hard, to forget how little time I have left here.  I am just going to make the most of the time I have . Live life to the fullest, and all that!

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