First Time in MUN: Expectations vs Reality

April 13, 2017
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MUN! MUN! and MUN!

Nowadays, Model United Nations or simply MUN, has become one of the most talked issue among teenagers. Being inspired, many of them are now participating in MUN. Similarly, I was inspired and participated in MUN. Of course, I had different expectations, predictions and ideas about how my experience was going to be as a first-timer. Some of my expectations turned out so much better than I thought and some them turned out completely different. Here are some:

EXPECTATION: “MUN will be a piece of cake for me, as I have loads of experience in Public Speaking and Debate.”
REALITY: “Will I even get a chance to speak?”

In debate, you make arguments on which you and maybe a partner are judged on substance and style. I’ve also been told that judges tend to be professionals or former debaters that know what to look for. So policy debaters speak at 80 miles an hour, but that’s okay because the audience is already listening for particular points and a specific structure. What differentiates MUN is that you are not only judged on public speaking, but your leadership skills overall. Forming alliances and writing resolutions in a group require personality in addition to intellect. Public speaking is actually a minor part of MUN for most delegates, when you might give a speech once or twice in committee.

EXPECTATION: “I will throw in allegations on the other delegates using whatever language I want. Just to heat things up you know.”
REALITY: “Formality, Formality and more Formality”

When one walks in expecting to throw allegations and ‘thug life quotes’, the hopes don’t take time to disappear, as the highest level of formality is maintained in committee sessions. With delegates not being allowed to use first person in their speeches, it gets pretty hard for a first timer to ‘heat things up’.


MUN is a valuable experience that can help you become inspired to change the world. And most importantly, M-U-N is F-U-N! But sometimes the committee sessions become extremely technical and lackluster. I can say completely without a doubt that it will be the weirdest experience of your life participating in MUN, an experience hard to describe in words. Last you will definitely, if you are doing it right in conference, have multiple near-heart-attacks. But despite all these, you will make new friends, meet some brilliant minds and of course – have fun. Cause after all, MUN is FUN!

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