Dear Diary

March 29, 2017
By Rhyeishia BRONZE, KANSAS CITY, Missouri
Rhyeishia BRONZE, KANSAS CITY, Missouri
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January 2, 2017

Dear Diary, 

Hey Diary, I think I am in love.  My emotions have heightened up, I am in love with him. Although I am still young and still figuring out some things I believe in love and I do believe I can have love. He’s the only thing keeping me together. Being a teen is stressful and I know that. It's like  once everything is good, it goes bad, well at least it feels that way. He is the only thing that's always good. When I feel like the world is against me he’s the only one beside me. He makes everything good. He makes me happy and keeps me happy. I don’t think being in love is a bad thing, I think it's great.



March 15th, 2017

Dear Diary,

  Sorry I haven’t been writing, nothing's been happening but they’re fighting. They fight and argue all the time about how the bills will get paid, and sometimes whisper so we won’t hear, and yea he isn’t my birth father but that's how I look at him.  Not only does he emotionally hurts my mother but he hurts me too, because he is the only father figure I have. My mamma and him fight, she tells us to pack our bags we’re staying with my grandma but we know we will be back but we do it anyway. Working my ass off because I’m so use to having more and getting what I want but I know my situation. I just want my mamma to be happy and everything to be okay. I just want my old life back.


The author's comments:

We are reading Freedom writers so i wanted to do my own diary entrys 

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