Four Kids

April 7, 2017
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Four kids: three blondes and the odd one out.

Sam, the odd one out, has curly brown hair like a bear. His hair is careless, just like his personality. He sits in front of the TV screen hours on end, maybe squeezing in a short run in between episodes.

For the rest of us, we have straight blonde hair, as well as freckles scattered across our nose and cheeks, unlike Sam. Danielle has precious platinum blonde hair that fits well with her personality—flirtatious and fun. She is the most adventurous person, looking for an adventure and hairstyle.

Benji once had hair that fell flat over his forehead, like Justin Bieber. He even had hair as long as my mother’s at one point, but he overcame the “hockey player” hairstyle after he stopped playing.

And for me, I sport shiny blonde hair in the summer and dirty blonde in the winter. I’ve had the same hairstyle since middle school, no blue hair dye or a perm—just long and straight with a few blond(er) highlights bringing out my color. I roll my towel in a turban on top of my head every night after I shower, and it still takes hours to dry.

My siblings and l all have thick hair, I guess that’s the one thing that makes the odd one out even. 

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