Dad, What About All You'll Miss?

April 7, 2017
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Dad what about all you’ll miss?
You gently picked me up from my mother’s arms as I was born
Your heart was whole again at the sight of me
You no longer felt torn
You didn’t think you could love anyone or anything so much until you saw me
The pain in your heart faded and I had created a whole new world for you
You brought me home and held me the whole way through
You were amazed at your little girls grin and her sweet innocent eyes
You hoped you’d never have to say goodbye to those innocent eyes
You picked me up and swung me around
And held my hand as we walked through town
You took me to my first day at school
When I clang to your legs and didn’t let go you probably felt like a fool
We would stay up late at night watching our favorite movie from time to time
You sat up late at night crying the first time your little girl got her first kiss
But you tried to dismiss the fact your little girl was growing up
You were in the front row screaming when you heard my name for my elementary graduation
After I walked across the stage you met me at the bottom
You gave me the prettiest yellow flowers
As we walked out I held your hand and we went home
You thought I wouldn’t need my daddy in my life so you left
The news hit hard
I will always be scarred
I walked to school alone with nobody to hold my hand
I laid in bed at night and tried to get myself to sleep
But all I knew to do was weep
I watched our favorite movie tonight and as I laughed I could hear the echo of yours
I graduated high school and as I walk off that stage nobody was there to bring me my yellow flowers or even scream my name in joy
There will no longer be road trips with your loud singing and me mocking you
I sit in the car and play our song knowing that no longer will it be sung
When you left you took a part of me, the trust, the laughter, the love I had in my heart.
Your little girl has grown up and as I walk down the aisle I know that I will share my last kiss
I hope you don’t stay up at night crying, knowing all that you’ve missed
The pain in my heart faded day by day, and you had created a whole new world for me
My heart was torn
Then my little girl was born
The pain faded and I created a whole new world for her
I am no longer torn
I took her to see our favorite movie
And the day she graduated elementary school I brought her yellow flowers and we went home.




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