Our Eyes

April 7, 2017
By PaddockJ GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
PaddockJ GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Blue, like the color of the ocean, waves stir in my eyes as the different shades of light reflect off my eye. Stirring like a normal day on the beach, some days swirl more rough than others.  Tidal waves and typhoons act up every so often, however; a little more in my mother’s eyes. Like different shores of the same ocean, my mother and I share eyes. A similar blue dominates the iris of my brother, yet the ocean is much calmer than ours. A blue more like the calm sky, clouds slowly drifting through it.

Brown, much lighter than the coffee he rarely drinks, but they are slightly darker than the chips in a cookie. Denser than a brown bear’s fur, but willing to ease up. My father’s eyes soak up information like the sun—once you get his attention. Patient, tolerant, resilient; everything you can see in the eyes of my dad. My youngest brother, he’s a mixture. Darker blue around the edges, gradually switching to green, his eyes end as brown around his pupils. Having difficulty standing still, just like his eyes have difficulty staying the same shade, his eyes never stop moving. Darting back and forth like hummingbird’s wings; who knew it would be harder to get his attention.

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