How to Build a Wicked Treehouse

April 7, 2017
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Massive tree with big branches
Bucket full of nails
10 foot long 2 by 4’s
Truck full of wood
Christmas lights
Fuzzy comfy chairs
Rope and a pulley
Cooler with drinks
Speaker and iphone to play music

1. Find a massive tree with large branches.
2. Begin by securing your first step (one foot long 2 by 4) with two nails.
3. As you secure each step climb up the tree to secure the next until you reach a large branch.
4. Using rope and the pulley bring up some wood for the platform.
5. Nail the platform into the branches.
6. Add some wall and a roof (careful not to fall off the tree and make sure you have parent supervision).
7. Once you have all four wall and a roof, hang up your christmas lights inside.
8. Bring up your chairs and cooler with the rope and pulley.
9. Invite friends over and have a party while blasting music in your new crib.

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