An Open Letter to the Rest of My Life

April 3, 2017

Above all, I hope you are happy. I hope the paths we go down are safe, and if they aren’t, I hope that we can make it out alive. I hope the light I see at the end of the tunnel isn’t playing tricks on us. I hope we always find our way out of the darkness. I hope we make the right choices, and if we don’t, I hope they help us to make the right ones in the future. I hope we don’t stick too much to the way things are “supposed” to be. I hope we get lost somewhere beautiful. I hope we make some wrong turns that turn out to be right. I hope we’ll be privileged with the chance to see the world before we get to the end. I hope we find a place to breathe, a place to scream, a place to be free. I hope we don’t spend too much time being stressed out, or angry, or sad. I hope we have the power to make it through the hardest of times. I hope you will help me remember that there is light inside of us, inside of everyone, it’s just that sometimes there are clouds in the way that block me from seeing it. I hope we keep learning together. I hope we face challenges head on, instead of running and hiding from them, because they will always haunt us if we don’t. I hope we have days that make us feel like we’re on top of the world, and in exchange for those days I’ll take the days that make us feel like we are drowning at the bottom of the sea. I hope we find songs that make our chests swell up and cause goose bumps to rise on our skin because the notes just fit right inside of us. I hope our legs never get tired of running, but have the courage to stop sometimes to experience what’s right in front of us.

With Love,


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