Coming Down

April 2, 2017
By , Los Angeles , CA

I walked into my class as the laughing stock of the entire freshman class. Now I know what you are thinking:"what did you do?" Well, I did not do anything. I take partial blame as to what happened those weeks, yes. I admit I was involved. But, I did not cause this. I do not think anyone really asks to be made fun of. This generation is a complete and utterly mess in my opinion. Now without going into detail about that, let us talk about how this started. There was a guy who liked me. Do not get all hysterical on me now. "It is always about a boy. Get over it."


No. It is not what you think. You see I did not like this particular guy for a reason. I am in a happy relationship with my significant other. Anyways, this guy approached me on a random day in our third period class. He said I looked cute and we took a few pictures together. He was a friend. Notice how I say 'was.' He seemed nice but he hit on every girl in our class and practically every girl he knew. He was rather desperate to find someone to love.


He texted me that day and we talked on the phone for a bit. You see I do not know how a guy can misinterpret or alternate a girls words. Now if I tell you I do not want to hang out during lunch then that means i do not want to hang out with you during lunch. Plain and simple. Well my words were alternated in his mind and he told his friend. Keep in mind this friend of his is a girl. He asked me out and I said no. This is why I say our society, specifically our generation, is a mess. He was upset that I did not go out with him and started telling people in our class lies. Feeding them false information that I wanted to have sexual intercourse with him. I confronted him in class with my eyes watery because i was upset with him. I asked him why he did what he did and he answered with, "i didnt tell anyone anything." I told him to stop lying and stay away from me. Well, I was in my physical education class and this girl approaches me saying, "I heard about..." and she said his name. I explained to her the situation and I broke down. My teacher excused me from class that day. I was upset and frustrated with him and everyone that was involved.


I told my boyfriend and he told me to report it to the deans which I did. Right after this, they pulled him out of class and talked to him about leaving me alone. I thought everything was fine. Well, I was wrong. He told everyone about me reporting him. Everyone turned on me. I lost my best friend. I lost all my friends and I felt like in a sense i lost myself. I tried to talk to one of my friends in my math class but she ignored me and acted like as if I was not there. I lost everyone except my family and my boyfriend. They were all I had left. I was emotional everyday. I woke up every morning for school and I would cry as I got ready. I was scared to step foot in school. I was embarrassed. I got through every single day that went by and everyday ended the same way. I would cry until i fell asleep. No one talked to me. I was the class s***. I have been labeled as so many horrific names that it still makes me hate myself a little inside. They throw things at me. They make fun of me. They laugh at me when I enter a room. Now you would think that maybe the teachers would notice and quit it. They sat there and ignored the situation. I talked to as many people as I could and no one could help me. They could not get him kicked out of my class. They could not stop the girls from harassing me. I reported everything that happened no matter what. Girls would text me to harass me online. Everyone turned on me. I felt alone. I felt lost. Have you ever felt like that? You lost all sense of direction and ended up in the same s*** hole as always. I told my mom and she reported it so many times. No one did anything. You are probably waiting for the end of my story. You are probably thinking that some how all this went away and that I am typing this because someone came to help. Well, you are wrong. I am still being made fun of. The girls laugh at me when I walk into my classes. The boys think I am easy. The teachers ignore the issue. I am hiding from the enemy and I am tired of it. "I walked into my class as the laughing stock of the entire freshman class." Nothing has been done nothing has changed.

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