Another DUFF Story

March 31, 2017
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"Pretty" The word I always struggled for.

I remember I was in class 7th where I got my first teacher who duffed me.I had the best handwriting in the class and there was an another girl (my bench mate). She was very pretty and hot. Every guy used to adore her. Even teachers. She had a good handwriting too but not more than me (Not bragging just telling the fact).

But my English teacher always preferred her handwriting even though when I won the title of "Best Handwriting" with the highest votes, just because she was pretty and I wasn't.

One fine day (obviously not fine for me) he was teaching a topic and after finishing it he asked if we students had any doubt. I and my bench mate had this doubt so I just raised my hand. The moment he noticed me Oh My GOD...

He cringed his face as if he didn’t want to come to me. My bench mate laughed and so did I to overcome the embarrassment. well then I asked the question, he explained me and went off. But that moment and his expression is still framed in one of the dark side of my heart which wears the label of "Criticism".

I never knew why he always had a problem with me. I never misbehaved with him instead always tried to act nice in front of him. I had to work real hard to get good marks while others got the marks easily jus because of their so called "Pretty" face. Even I got the highest marks he never noticed me. He made me struggle more just because I wasn't pretty.

They say "Face Doesn't Matter" but still it's the most I have to struggle through.
Maybe I was another Bianca who got duffed by his teacher for Jess and Casey.
In order to know what a DUFF really is Please consult the movie "The DUFF". :v

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