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March 30, 2017
By Anonymous

Donald Trump shouldn’t be president at all. I think Trump is being unfair because he wants to send immigrants back to Mexico. I feel upset because my parents are immigrants. When he got elected, I felt like crying because I was scared cause my little sister was scared that my parents were going to be deported. I was with my sister and she was very scared. My little sister said, “Ma te van a mandar ala chingada, Los van a llevar.” When I was sitting in the bed when this happened. I think this changed the world because people have already been deported and people are very scared. I think life was better when Obama was president because there wasn’t really must stress when Obama was president but when Trump was elected a lot has changed because people have been deported.


It felt heart breaking because I was scared that my parents were going to get deported. I was watching my little sister scared she said, “Is my mom going to get arrested at the house or her job” and then I said “ Nah don’t be stupid dumbass you're hella stupid you act like they're gonna come to this specific house and get my mom and dad estas pendeja”. I was thinking about the police coming but I wasn’t really worried because I knew they would specifically come to my house. The next day my sister kept annoying me she said “dude what if the police come” I said “shut up, you're so annoying I swear to god they ain't gonna come to the f***n house.” Then I got hella mad cause my mom was like “ Sierra la puerta van a venir ala casa y me van a llevar”. I said “ ama shut the up (cause she knows English) no van a venir ala casa I swear you're hella annoying eres como Magali” (my sister’s name).

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