March 30, 2017
By Anonymous

I am a twin. The summer of fifth grade my mom decided to go visit my new born baby cousin in San Jose. At the time, I was ten. Now, I am thirteen. My sisters Gina (my twin), Karla (my older sister), and I stayed with one of my mom’s friends that summer in Redwood City. I use to live in Fresno, California. Three weeks into the summer my mom decided that we would move to Redwood City, California to be close to my aunt and her newborn baby. My first impression about Redwood City was that it was loud. After those three weeks Redwood City, I found out that it was a loud place in some streets and some streets were really quite and not much happened. it was loud  in some streets because there were people yelling and cars honking at each other. People's personalities were different here. In friendships, friends get mad at each other and then they made up very easily, and in Fresno once you got mad at a friend, you did not make up with them.  It was very hard for the people to forgive their friends. The weather here in Redwood City is very different from Fresno. It got extremely hot over there during spring and summer and in fall and winter it gets really cold. People are so cold that they have to wear a sweater and a really big jacket to keep warm. In Redwood City, the temperature is pretty even it's not too cold nor too hot. I was not really looking forward to moving to a new school nor leaving my friends, but I didn't have a choice because it was for other reasons too that we were moving. We were moving because my mom wanted a better job and also my brother just graduated from highschool and he was looking for a good job. My brother did find a job at Marshalls which is  a clothes store, then at a fast food restaurant called Jack in the Box, and now he works at a beauty store called Sephora. My mom found a job as a cleaner.  I felt really happy because my mom has a better job here and gets paid more to. I also really liked that my brother found his dream job in Sephora.


The first day of sixth grade I was very nervous, my palms were sweating and I didn’t really talk much because I was shy. I thought all the kids would be way taller than me and that I wouldn’t make any friends the first day. I walked in and sat down in a table in my math class in room 1. Everybody also walked in and sat down. Then one of my classmates in my table said, “Hi” and introduced herself. I also introduced myself quietly and shyly. I held out my hand and introduced myself with my head not so high. Then my classmate introduced me too one of her friends and she was a very nice person and nice friend. She is tall with medium hair length, very pretty, clumsy and loud. Her name is Yahaira.  The first time someone mixed us up was in sixth grade. She said, “ Hey Gina.” I said, “ That’s NOT my name. My NAME is Gisselle.” It had passed like three months now and people were still confusing us. My face got red as a pepper because of how mad I was.


Then, the class passed by pretty quickly and we had to switch classes to science. Then some, people were getting confused because they saw my twin sister. Then, Yahaira introduced me to her group that she hanged out with some people I still talk to and one of the main people there was my second best friend Brenda. They were all really nice to me. People say that we look alike but I tell them every time that we are not identical even though we almost look the same. Everyone thought that if we looked alike we would kind of have the same personalities or like similar things in common. We do not really like the same things and we have totally opposite personalities. I don’t like to play many sports just volleyball. My sister likes to play most sports. She plays soccer, basketball, soccer, and sometimes volleyball. I like to paint my nails. She doesn’t so much. My favorite type of colors  are black, pink, purple, and white because I can’t decide wich one is my very favorite. Her favorite color is baby blue or regular blue any type of blue except dark shades of blue. She is better than me in education stuff too. She gets more awards than me and usually has one more A in a class then me.

In, the first weeks that people still looked at us confused I didn’t really mind but after like two months I kind of  got annoyed. People kept comparing us and I didn’t really like it. Sometimes I got so mad that I got as red as a pepper. I still like my sister because it has benefits and she is family, but I do not get that annoyed by it anymore because people have stopped comparing us because I spoke up and told people to stop comparing us. 


Up to this day, I am kind of glad that I moved here because I have made some really close friends and my family has had a better life ever since we got here. It helped me to speak up for myself when I don’t like something. I learned that I will get be getting confused with my sister when I meet new people. Life before was great many people new who we were and could tell all the differences between us. The same is that I sometimes get annoyed when they call me gina. What will never be the same is that I will never keep quiet for myself again I will always try to speak up for myself.

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