March 30, 2017
By Princessleah.650 BRONZE, Menlo Park, California
Princessleah.650 BRONZE, Menlo Park, California
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It was 8:30 in the morning ,and someone's phone got a notification and it sounded like a faint bell sound. This year at school we were on the topic about having our phones in school and this is how it went. I believe it was in the morning when we had the discussion in social studies.  “Please write the question on your Do Now paper.” The teacher said it with a passion to make sure everyone does it. I did my Do Now and I wrote, “I do believe that we should have our phones for many reasons.” My partner said  “I believe that we should have our phones etc.” Other people around me shared their ideas. One student said,” I don’t believe we should have our phones because it could be a distraction…” I supported my opinion by saying, “It helps us by saving time in class, it helps students focus by listening to music, and it’s a good replacement for computers since phones are very portable and compact”. Many people had good arguments but I believe I made the best point. This has made an impact on me because I now know that I can share my opinions and people will either concur with me or can disagree. This means with my opinions can start a great conversation.

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