Rent Control

March 30, 2017
By Maritza31 BRONZE, Menlo Park, California
Maritza31 BRONZE, Menlo Park, California
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My house is pretty  small for nine people who live inside there.  It’s sometimes a hard time because we live squished as if we were folded into quadruple.  Most of the time we decide who showers faster.  I once told my cousin, “ you could shower first since you shower faster.”  He told me, “ok, thanks,” and he was walking towards the bathroom.  He first put on music and started to shower.  Whoever showers faster goes first, or we just decide who has to go to the bathroom really bad.  So one day, I was at home in my house.  The day was nice.  I said to myself,” the day is sunny and windy.  It’s a nice day to go outside,”so I decided to go outside by myself.  I walk towards the door, and it’s pretty windy.  My house has a backyard where sometimes my family hangs out, but that day they were inside or gone.  It was the day my family paid the rent.  The landlord went to my house around 10 O’Clock.  He knocked on my door, but when he knocked on the door, it sounded like the door fell down, and my aunt checked who it was.  She saw that it was the landlord, and then she opened the door. 


They were talking about how the landlord was getting charged a lot, so he wanted my family and others to pay more rent because wanted to keep the property, so he’s deciding to put the rent higher on us and others.  The landlord is older, he talks a little spanish, but he also looks mean.  He’s also pretty tall.  My aunts reaction was like a surprised she said, “why are guys putting the rent higher on us when you already told us a few months ago that the rent was going higher.”  He said that he was only doing his job. My aunt just said “okay.”  Later, she did like a mini conference with my family.  They were just saying “why” but know one knows why.  My family was scared because they were thinking that if they don’t pay the rent we would get kicked out, and we would get even a smaller house. My families reaction was, scared, and depressed.  They were surprised.  My mom told my aunt, “ We should get more offices to clean and get the kids to help us when they can.” My aunt said, “... We should, but someone has to take care of my baby.”  So sometimes my older cousin takes care of her.  Only one month had past,and my mom said,” I have the money for the rent. Do I give it to you right now or later.  My aunt said, “ it's ok give to me right now, so I won't be asking for it.

My family was also depressed because they felt that they had too much to take in a short amount of time.  They looked tired. Time passed and everyone was stressed out.  Everyone including my cousins, mom, step dad, uncle, brother, and me had to help.  It was hard sometimes because my family always tells us, “focus in school because it’s the only help you have for your future.”  I most of the was thinking “ why does this happen to us...Why? But I still tried to help in some way.  It did not matter if our help was small or big because even if our help was small my family appreciated it alot because then they didn’t feel so stressed out.  But I always told my family, “things happen for a reason.”  “We don't know that reason so we shouldn't give up to find an answer.”

After a while, my family did not want to show their emotions, but I knew something was wrong, so I said to myself, “what can I do to help…” I decided to wait for the right moments.  I knew something was wrong because they did not look as happy as the other days.  I felt something in my chest,  and I didn’t get that feeling often.  I felt weird when i felt that feeling, I thought I felt it in my heart.  Two days passed I found out what was wrong.  They were depressed and stressed.  I wanted to help, but I didn't know how. I always told them if they needed help in something, but they will always tell me “no.”  Sometimes they will tell me if I had homework to do it and if I didn't have homework, they will tell me to clean the house. Time passes and here we are today.  I still don't have my answer for “why did it happen.”  I still try not to give up because I know good things happen in life.  We just have to wait until that day comes.  We have to be patients no matter what happens always stay strong.  It doesn't matter if you can't help someone in big things but if at least you try, people or your family will be thankful.

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