My Good to Bad Day

March 30, 2017
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I went home after school after a hot sunny day. The day was as hot as the lava of a volcano. I was In 7th grade that year. It was about 3:20 pm. I got home really hyped because I had a fun day. I changed into my normal clothes because I didn’t like school uniform. I saw that my room was a mess there was my blanket on the ground, thrown clothes, and water bottles thrown on the floor, so I got to clean It rIght away. After I was done cleanIng my room I got to doIng my pIle of homework I got assIgned. I was completely done wIth my homework and had a bIt of extra tIme to spare. I decIded to go on my phone and watch a movie. I was halfway the movIe called paranormal actIvIty. The movIe was about how It Is lIke lIvIng wIth ghost In the house. It showed how people got moved and scared and dragged by powerful ghost. I was terrIfIed and on hIgh alert because thIs movIe really got me scared. Five minutes later I got a phone call and got really scared that I sat up rIght away. I ended up droppIng my phone. When I picked up It saId It was from my friend.


I answered his call and he asked me If I wanted to go to the movIe theater wIth hIm and hIs lIttle brother. I saId to hIm “ I’m not sure ama go ask my dad and I’ll call you back.”  I went downstaIrs hopIng my dad would allow me to go.  I asked my dad nervously and said  “ Dad can I go to the movIe theater wIth my frIends.”  My dad looked at me In the eye and saId wIth a bIt of anger “ No, you can’t go because you need to Improve your grades.  I yelled “ My grades are fIne!”.  He looked at me wIth shock and yelled “ I don’t want to see you rIght now go to your room now!”.6  I went upstaIrs and I threw my phone It bounced off the wall and landed screen fIrst on the floor.  I laid In bed wIth such anger and thought about what my dad saId. This situatIon made me realIze that I needed to work harder and pay more attentIon on school.

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