Skewb Cube

March 30, 2017
By , Menlo Park, CA

“Today is the day,” I said to myself, “Are you crazy or why are you talking to yourself” asked my brother. I told him, “I am not crazy, but today is the day I would take my skewb cube to school,” he said “oh ok. I don’t care.” This cube was like a 3x3, but it only moved the corners.  Today was January 30, 2017 a very cold morning in Redwood City. It was so cold  that it felt like I was walking in the Arctic. I turned in my phone into the school office. I attend Garfield Community School where there are really cool and fun teachers that teach like pros. I was walking in the hallway, and I saw my friend Rene Medrano a very cool and quiet boy that is also a cuber.


Cuber is what we call a person who knows how to solve a rubik’s cube. He said, “Hi” and I said “guess what.” with a very excited and happy face. My face was like a little kid’s face getting his dream toy in Christmas.


I then told Rene that I had gotten new cube. He said, “let me see,” I showed him and there was an expression in his face that looked like a baby has seen something new and was amazed and a little confused. He asked, “can you solve that?” I said “yeah,” then he said, “it is pretty impressive that you know how to solve that,” I said, “well I had it since Saturday so I only learned it in two days.” The cube was stickerless which meant that it did not have stickers. The differences from this and a normal 3x3 cube is that it has different notations. Notations are the possible ways that you can move the cube. This skewb cube only moves the corners. This is not one of the hardest cubes, but it is hard to move, since it turns weird. There is no trick to solving it, but you need to remember some algorithms and have good skills and habits. Algorithms are certain moves that you need to remember in order to solve the cubes. When you are cuber, everyone thinks you are smart because you know how to solve a cube.


Then came my other friend Daniel, but we call him Danny. He is very tall and always in a happy mood and no matter who tells him to give up he keeps it going. He said that it looked complicated, and he had a puzzled look in his face. Suddenly, the bell rang which meant that we needed to line up and go to class. My first period was Social Studies from 8:10 to 9:30. I was a little sad that my best friend was not there to see my cube. His name was Joshua Cano. He was like my brother from another mother. He was sick which meant he could not go to school. From 9:30 to 9:50 was our recess. There was nothing interesting at this time because my bro Joshua was not here. When we were in recess, me and Joshua just liked to ball up. I still played basketball that day but without my bro Joshua, it was not the same. Then came my math class from 11:35 to 1:30. I took out my skewb cube because I knew that the teacher was very chill and has not seen us use them. The teacher's name was Mr. Nguyen. He was an Asian-american teacher that was fun until you pushed his button. He would get really pissed. Well, today was the day we would push his buttons. We came into class he said, “Ok class take out your do-now”. We all sat down in the class that had seven groups of four. Rene, Danny, Joshua, and me sat at the same group, but today Joshua was not here. Rene and Danny took out their cubes too. We did the do-now very quick and started playing with our cubes. He stood up very suddenly and started yelling at our table. “I know what you guys are doing in your desk and you guys are not sneaky!!” he screamed furiously with his eyes furrowed. We were just surprised and shocked because we did not make him angry before, and we were not making much noise. He then yelled, “put them away right now, and I do not want to see them again.” We went to our backpacks and put them away. This taught me that trying to be sneaky about something can not always end up good. Up to this day, we do not bring cubes to school anymore and especially not to his class.

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