Being Fair

March 30, 2017
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One day, in Redwood City, California, we picked my sister up from work at Applebee's.  We were in the car, and my sister said that she wasn't going to school tomorrow.  One month ago, Trump had been elected for president.  There was a day about no latinos going out or doing anything because that’s what the new president Trump wanted, but then I asked my mom if I could stay home. She said no because I needed to go to school and get my grades up.

I felt like I was caught in a cage because I was the only one who had to go to school.  But later, they sent my mom a message that a lot of kids didn't plan on going to school, so they said that at least to come to school and then leave when they take attendance.

I went to school, and half of the class was not there because they were at home, and then the teachers took attendance, and some of the students went to the office to ask if they could leave because that is what the message said, and the office staff said that we couldn't leave because we needed a parent to be with us in order for us to leave.  The other students asked if they could call their guardian to pick them up and the staff said that we couldn't call home. I felt like they had lied to the students.  I learned something new that day.  I learned that the world was going to be unfair.  I also learned that not everyone will get treated the same.

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