Don't Wear Red!

March 30, 2017
By Anonymous

One day at brunch my friends who are Cesar, Mathias, Jimmy, Pedro, and Kevin were talking with me the at the park which is in the middle of the school.  Well it was a sunny day, the sun was really bright, it was as bright as a diamond.  All the little kids were running and playing tag , the yard duty on the other hand was screaming at the kids for having fun and playing tag.  Anyways, so my friend cesar was wearing some Jordans they had a little red and the red was as small as an eraser.  Then a yard duty comes up to Cesar and asked him if he knew about the rules, Cesar said he did know that you couldn't bring red but he said it was only a little bit of red.  So she sent him to the office to get tape on the little bit of red he had on his shoes.  This showed me not to wear any red to school.  The reason we can not wear red to school is because there are a lot of gangs around this school, According to the principal and teachers.  But when that happened I felt like this school was prison.

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