Phone Problem

March 30, 2017
By Anonymous

As  the rainy day began, I waited in line to pick up my phone from the office annoyed as I get with my sister when she takes my things. I had a  dentist appointment that day, and it was really important. The dentist doesn't really like to reschedule because they have a certain time where they have to check to see if there's progress or if something went wrong with you. It messes it up because they usually give you about 6 to 8 weeks until your next appointment. If you wait too long, something can go wrong and makes it more difficult for them.


While waiting, I start to think.. Is my mom waiting for me?  Will she be bothered? I finally get to the front of the line and go in the office to get my phone. After getting my phone, I step outside the office, and I see my mom waiting in the car. When she sees me, she says, “apurate.. Dónde está tu hermana?” I tell her, “ahorita voy a recojerla.” As I go pick up Litzy, my little sister, I see she is starting to get mad because I’m taking too long. I check the time, and I automatically knew I was going to be late. I  carefully ran to my sister’s class trying not to step on a puddle. When I arrive, my sister tells me, “what took you so long.. I was waiting for you.”


“I’m sorry..” I tell her “I’ll explain later.. C’mon let's go.”

We quickly walk to the car, so we wouldn’t get wet. I open the door and take a seat. As I put on my seatbelt, my mom starts telling me in a mad voice why I took so long. “Sorry… fui a recojer mi teléfono de la oficina y había una línea muy larga entonces tuve que esperar como diez minutos” she starts to drive, and while we head to the dentist she says,  “Si lo se, pero deberias ir a recojer a tu hermana primero  por que algun dia se puede quedar sola esperandote y se va a preocupar…”

I respond by saying “ pero que tal si voy por ella y cuando regrese todavía está una línea larga?”

“ no creo.. Cuando regreses habra una linea mas corta.”

While she talks I start to think why do I have to turn in my phone anyways? Can't I just keep it with me?  I guess she thought the same thing because she tells me “por que tienes que hacer eso?.. Deberían hacer algo sobre esa regla.”

“yo pienso lo mismo” I tell her.

She then says, “ademas si tanto te tarda para recojer a tu teléfono mejor no lo traigas.”

“tienes razón… yo creo que ya no lo voy a traer.”

This made me realize that the rule of turning in your phone isn’t really good. It’s a little dumb. We all have to get somewhere and that takes up our time. They should give us a chance, so they can see whether we’re responsible enough to keep our phones with us. If it doesn’t work, it can go back to being normal.

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