The Fall and the Reaction

March 30, 2017
By , Menlo Park, CA

One day in the afternoon, I was at my tia’s house in  San Jose, as I usually am on Sundays. It was good looking out at a sunny and nice Sunday. My aunt’s home is by an exit and entrance of a freeway. I can hear the cars; they are calm in the day, but at night you can hear more cars entering and leaving homes to the freeway. There is a narrow street where not many cars pass by. Then it curves into another street. The other street has better parking and a part is where some chickens are. When I see the chickens I try to call them because they are behind a fence so I can pet them. When, I first saw them they were so colorful. There were colors on them like white chickens with orange feet and beaks. There were other animals like roosters of black and brown with tall feathers above their head. But I know she rents in the back from another house on the narrow street. My aunt has a medium sized, black, metal gate. They close it so nobody runs out. My baby cousin, Efrain has some space in front of his home to play. But at first, we were in my cousin Isabella’s room. Her room was organized because they just moved and unpacked. We were all laying down and playing on our phones and tablets. Efrain and Isabella have similar tablets. Lauren and I have similar samsung phones. We were playing mobile sports games, car games and on social media. My siblings and I decided we wanted to play outside. I was so excited because Efrain and Isabella wanted to play soccer (I LOVE SOCCER!!!) He was excited and all happy because he was enjoying himself. He was happy because he was giggling, laughing, and chasing the ball. Efrain and I were kicking the ball around like it was on fire. My siblings and I were playing and having fun. But as my twin sister Lauren and cousins kept having fun a problem started stirring.


The problem came like an unexpected tornado. A problem started when we kept kicking the ball around. The ball was between Efrain’s legs. But since he’s still a toddler the ball was a bit bigger than his legs could manage. The ball was like a watermelon compared to chopsticks. So he fell, but when he fell, he hit his head on the concrete. It sounded like a bang. I quickly reacted since I was closer to him than my sister and his bigger sister. I grabbed him real quick. I grabbed him like a flash. But he was crying and I figured it’s because he hit his head hard. So his sister took him. Then, I quickly ran to the kitchen and wrapped some ice in a napkin to put on his head. I ran as fast as I could. We waited to see if he would feel better. As the time passed we tried comforting him. The time felt like the hands of a clock were like a sloth. While the time passed of him with ice on his head, we tried convincing him to go inside and play on his tablet instead. But as being a two year old wanting to play all the time he wouldn’t agree. He was as hard to convince like cracking a walnut.

My siblings and I said to Efrain, “Te quieres entrar a la casa?”
He responded by saying,” No me quiero entrar a la casa.”
I said, “Te sientes mejor?”
He said, “Ya me siento mejor.”

So later when he felt better, he wanted to play outside. But at that time me, my sister, and his sister had to make a decision on whether to take him out or make him sad and tell him no more playing outside for today. If he was sad he would look like a puppy as if they didn’t get a treat. Lauren, Isabella, and I were talking how, “Should we keep playing or tell him we have to go inside?” But when we wanted to make the choice we agreed on continuing to play. We continued because we all knew some pain on Efrain would not put him down from playing and being joyful. We were all amused and playing around. We played till it got dark and couldn’t play any longer.


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