My Story

March 30, 2017
By Anonymous

It started in the most unliked day of the week , Monday.I just walked into my math class and my partner,Alexa didn’t even talk to me.She looked very pale and just stood there silently ignoring every word that came out of my mouth.At first i was trying to annoy her by saying her name again and again.I was saying her name,”Alexa Alexa Alexa Alexa Alexa Alexa.”At a moment I thought she just hated me but i think it was cuz i'm always making noises and taking her pencil.


When we arrived at our language Arts class Alexa, is also my partner.What a coincidence right ?In our Language Arts class i was also trying to annoy her because she was still not talking to me and i was starting to feel bad and i thought she wasn't going to talk to me for the rest of eighth grade or something.While i was annoying her by saying her name I had a quick thought and realized why she might be mad at me.It was cuz i didn’t shut up!So what did i do next ?Of course I stayed quiet, but still no answer from my partner Alexa.  I tried to remember if i did something to her or if i did anything that she didn’t like but i couldn’t remember anything.I decided to stop trying and to get back to work but of course i was still thinking why she wasn’t talking to me.I knew she was listening to me because when i was trying to annoy her i saw she gave a little smile.We then went to lunch recess and she was still not talking to me.When we came back from lunch recess i thought she might talk to me, but guess what ? She was still ignoring me .When i started to write this story about her she was finally beginning to talk to me saying,”no don't ima be really mad if you keep on writing about me.”She was then told by the teacher to move seats ! When she was about to move to her new seat she told me,”now i’m mad at you.”I felt really bad because they moved her cuz of me.The next day she actually started talking to me and she said,”i'm not mad at you anymore.”I was then feeling pretty good cuz she wasn't mad at me and she was talking to me so that was nice.THE END.

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