An Unknown Friend

March 30, 2017
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I would have loved to spend that afternoon in my bed just watching t.v eating, ice cream all day, and drinking kern.  I thought that’s how it would be. I was in the middle of watching my favorite show when suddenly I heard a police siren outside, which seemed to be very close to my house, so I wanted to go outside to see what was going on.  I pulled out of my bed so fast that I felt as I was on a rollercoaster since I was so dizzy. I hurried outside and saw my grandma so I told her to follow me to the front yard to see what was going on.


As soon as I got outside I knew that I have never seen so many cops in my life. They were just in front of my house talking to some teenagers. I looked over and recognized one of them. She seemed so familiar but I couldn’t remember who she was. Then, I felt a flashback coming to my mind, I remembered her. We were friends. She used to go to my school ; she graduated last year and I hadn’t heard from her ever since. I assumed she was a freshman in highschool. I focused on her and saw that a boy had her arm around her, but that couldn’t be. The boy looked as he was almost twice her age. I also recognized her mom she looked scared and angry. My grandma and me were just standing there trying to figure out what was going on. A guy passed by our house and started staring at the cops too. “What’s going on?” he said.  “We don’t know” I responded. He walked over to the cops and then I couldn’t spot him anymore.  I felt a knot in my throat. I wanted to know what was going on. After a while, the guy that asked us what was going on came back. While he was walking right in front of my house; I anxiously asked,”Did you figure what’s going on.”     “Yea” he responded. I looked at him blankly. “I guess there taking the girl’s mom because she was beating the s*** out of her” The expression on my face probably expressed everything I was feeling at the moment. “But…. why?”  “I’m not sure, I only heard that the daughter called the cops but I don’t know know why the mother was hitting her” the guy responded. I was so confused. Why would her mom hit her? Is that the reason that the cops were there? Did the boyfriend have anything to do with this? I had so many questions. I felt like my brain was going to pop. I have never been so lost. I felt lost for days until one day, I saw her crossing the street so I hurried towards her way. I couldn’t wait to ask her what had happened. Why hasn’t she texted me or talked to me ever since her graduation? I needed to ask her. I needed answers. What happened? I asked. She hesitated but when she finally answered she said, “What do you mean?” “Are you serious?” “You don’t talk to me at all” I said. “Just leave me alone” she said. “What happened to your mom?” “ I called the cops on my mom because she was hella annoying. She wouldn’t let me work on my own s***. She saw me and my boyfriend smoking and  she knew I was in a gang so she tried to f*** me up but that b**** was hella trippin.” “When she started tryna hit me, I just called the cops on her” “Where do you live now?” I asked. “With my boyfriend.” I was shocked. Was this even the girl I was friends with? “Can you leave me alone now?” I couldn’t believe her. Who was this person? I couldn’t even recognize the person standing. “Later” she said. Wow. I couldn’t believe her. She was completely another person. Since that day, I figured that sometimes change happens for the better.

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