Scary Disneyland Trip

March 30, 2017
By , Menlo Park, CA, CA

I had been waiting for more than six hours in the car to arrive. It was an exciting day. I was going to my favorite place on Earth, Disneyland. It was me, my dad, my little sister, and my friend. My dad is a caring, and fun person, he’s also very funny. My little sister is annoying but can also be fun sometimes.She has curly hair like me. My friend is fun to be around. She has black hair and dresses casual. We boarded the tram and rode to Disneyland. While we were still on the tram, I said,”I feel like a five year old!!” My dad and my sister and friend started laughing. When we arrived, we saw a little store outside and looked at the minnie and mickey ears. I said to my dad,”Can we get some ears?!” My dad replied,”Yeah sure just pick the ones you want.” We were there for like twenty minutes trying to pick some. “You should get ears too”, I said to my dad. He tried looking for some and even tried some on. While he tried some on, we took pictures of him to have good memories. At the end, he decided not to get any ears. We were having a good time. We bought ears, souvenirs, and food. We went on some of my favorite rides and everything. For example, we went on Dumbo, Mad Hatter Teacups, Peter Pan’s Flight, etc. After, we went inside Sleeping Beauty’s castle. All you could see was darkness, black as night, only little specks of light illuminated the stairs, so you wouldn’t fall. When we were towards the end, I remembered something funny. “Dad remember that time I thought Maleficent's shadow was going to pop out and scare me? And I was too scared. I didn’t want go further?”, I said. He said,”Yeah I remember that was funny. I made you go outside and you were laughing when we got out because there was no pop up.” Towards the night, we were in Frontierland and we were walking around to look at cool stuff. There was a parade going on and a lot of people stop to watch it, so almost all of the rides are short lines. That’s when my dad saw that Pirates Of The Caribbean had a very SHORT LINE. My dad wanted to go on it again because he hadn’t got on it since we went to Disneyland for the first time! He got excited and said,”Let’s go right now that there’s no long line right now!” I got scared and immediately said no. He said,”It’s a smooth ride just like ‘it’s a small world,’ it’s not like a roller coaster trust me.” I trusted him and I was watching the boats come and go and arrive from the ride. I saw a parrot talking when you get off the ride, and I thought it was cute and funny. When we got onto one of the boats, I noticed that it was wet. I said,”Why is the boat wet if it’s not a roller coaster?” My dad said,”It's not a roller coaster. Trust me and enjoy the ride.” Everything was so relaxing and fun until there was a dark hole ahead of us and the skull talking above us. I got curious as to what the dark hole leaded to and then we dropped down. It felt fast! I screamed loud and then started laughing. After, I thought there was going to be a lot more drops. I told my dad crying,”Ya no quiero bajar!”. He started calming me down and then we dropped once more, and then it was over. We got out, and I was mad and scared. I told him,”See I told you it was kind of a roller coaster!”. My dad said,”I’m sorry I haven’t been on this ride in a long time, so I didn’t know what to expect.” I was still a little mad, and we were waiting in line for Dumbo. Me and my friend got onto an elephant. “Can we go low first and then go a little higher up once I feel comfortable being way up in the air? I’m still kind of scared from the previous ride.”, I said to my friend. She said,”Yeah I understand.” The ride almost ended, and we were way up in the air, and I could feel the cool night breeze in my face. When it ended, I felt sad. I felt sad because the ride was short and I always enjoy this ride. We went on it again and then waited in line for Storybook Land. Storybook Land is a boat ride similar to it’s a small world. They are both boats and are showing you cute things. It’s a small world shows you dancing toys from different races singing the song “it's a small world”. However, Storybook Land takes you through little villages from almost every story in Disney history. The person driving the boat tells you the stories of each little village. Towards the end of the day, we watched the Main Street parade and then we said goodbye to the castle. After, we went to the Main Street shop and my dad bought me little blue mickey earrings. I loved them they were so cute! I said,”Thanks for buying me these earrings you’re the best!” My dad responded,”You’re welcome, it was nothing.” Then we took the tram back to the parking lot. We got in the car and started driving. Next time I go I will NOT go on Pirates Of The Caribbean and the rides I know I won’t like.


Being on an uncomfortable ride is not pleasant. It feels like you're going to “die” inside. Obviously, I knew I wasn’t going to get hurt because I was with my dad and the ride is safe. I just felt afraid at that moment. I think next time, I go I won’t go on that ride because I think it will ruin the trip a little bit. Not for all the day but for a little bit. The next time we are going is on my birthday this year!!! I’m super excited because I haven’t been to Disneyland on my birthday before! Ending the trip, “surviving” from that scary ride was nice. It was actually kind of funny at the end because I was really afraid and afterwards I felt okay. It was just scary at that exact moment it would drop.

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