March 30, 2017
By Anonymous

One day on a rainy night my dad and I went out for his birthday in Redwood City. We were going back home after having a nice day at a restaurant. He then forgot to make a stop at the stop sign, and a cop saw him. The lights of the cop car were bright like fireworks. I saw them through the window. It felt like I was playing Grand Theft Auto, but it wasn’t a game. The tall, bald cop approached our car, smirking.  We got stopped right near our house. We then came out from the car. The cop said, “take out your license” and my dad said “No I won’t get it out”. Then, the cop grabbed his arm and put it behind his back because he didn't want to take it out. My dad didn’t try to fight back because it was going to be wrong. He just stayed still. After my dad gave the cop his license, I felt really scared. I started taking a video. The cop had no reason to do that because everyone has a right to deny anything they want. It was not even that serious. I would have not think it was unfair if it was in a really serious situation. I believe this cop was being racist. I felt really mad because cops can be really unfair in some situations. The cop could have managed this situation in another different way. The cop then gave my dad a ticket, and we went inside our house. The lesson I learned in this situation I learned that just because someone denies something it doesn't mean they don't have it or know how to do it. After this, I did think differently about police. I believe the police is suppose to protect us. I believe racism will always be involved in some situations. I’ve never heard or seen anything like this. The end.

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