Racist People

March 30, 2017
By Anonymous

I was waiting in the car and my mom said, “ later were going to Applebee's" so i was hyped!!

Me:So i was wondering
Me:who is coming
Mom:your cousins
Me: ok mom this is my stop, “ i got off the car and said bye.”

We finally arrived at the place it was packed. The wind was heavy, it was a lonely night. We entered and it was packed with whites. We were the only hispanics there. Everybody dropped their forks and stared at us. 10 mins later, we asked for a table we waited for a table because their was supposedly no clean tables. it was dead silence the waiter was just on her phone like we were invincible.We were mad and were swearing in our insides we felt we were ignored just because we are mexicans.4 minutes later a white family came and were instantly taken care of. The dad had a mean face.They were served so i was like wtff$@%#43.

Mom: “i hate white people
Me:There friken racist
Mom:Especially Trump

And the girl said sorry we are currently full so we left to not cause any problems. I felt like punching a brick wall. From this experience, I learned that white people are racist.

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