March 30, 2017
By Ricardor2017 BRONZE, Redwoodcity, California
Ricardor2017 BRONZE, Redwoodcity, California
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“One day I got back from school and started playing with my cousin Miguel  in the living room because I didn't have nothing to do, Miguel is 15 years old.  This happened when I was in 7th grade and took place inside my house.  We started playing because it was boring because it was just me and Miguel in the house
at the moment and we didn’t have nothing to do.  We started playing black ops the game is about you need to kill people and don't get killed.  Then after playing the game for 2 hours we got bored of the game then started playing rough with each other we started to punch each other in the stomach then I started throwing him  to the floor after we stopped  I got mad at him so I tried to punch him when i was going to punch him he was on the couch then he moved and i hit the couch.  When I broke the couch we both started laughing i think we started laughing because we were both scared because they were going to get us in trouble and we acted like nothing happened.  After 2 months my mom found out and got both of us in trouble she told us that we couldn't go out with our friends and she also told us if we play on the couch one more time there were going to be more consequences we also couldn't  play the ps4. However my cousin wanted to play ps4 and didn't want to get in trouble he said it was me that broke the couch and my mom got me more in trouble even though we were both playing she didn't believe me.

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