Being Free

March 30, 2017
By , redwood city, CA

One Monday afternoon, I came home from my lame school in Redwood City. I was so tired. Classes were so boring, especially Mr.Taylor's class he is always bragging about stuff. I was exhausted!! I arrived home my backpack felt like a rock. I took it off and threw myself in my bed sat down and turned on my phone. My mom was folding clothes and she told me to turn on the tv and exhausted I got up and got the control and turned it on then she told me, “ponle a las noticias”. I changed it to the news and went back and sat down and watched it for a little while I and then i went back to my phone while i was on my phone and i heard, “45-year-old Guadalupe Olivas Valencia jumped from a El Chaparral, the main border crossing point between San Diego and Tijuana and died shortly afterward at a public hospital” coming from the tv. When my mom heard this rivers filled with tears came splashing down her cheeks and she said, “Estas cosas que hacen las personas para no irse a su país porque tienen miedo que los deporten para México”. I went blank for a second everything stopped and I wondered if she would one day no longer be here but be deported back to her country. I was feeling sick to my stomach as i saw her face filled with tears i was thinking to myself of what people will do just to stay in America. This affected me in many ways because I get worried that many more people are going to get deported and might want to make the same choice that the guy did. I felt so worried because I started to think that if Trump is using all of this power for bad and not for good. He can cause so much chaos.

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