The Day My Dad Was Treated Unfairly

March 30, 2017
By Anonymous

One morning I was sleeping comfortable on my bed and suddenly I hear my dad talking to me “ Armando get up’’ my dad said “we are going to work’’. “ I don’t want to get up’’ I said all tired, but I got up. I got ready and got into my dad’s truck. When we got there he told me,’’ go yank out the weeds in the garden’’ as I was working my back felt like elephants walking on my back as I yanked out the weeds by the time I was done my dad’s partner jorge was late to work he said to my dad “ hey, what are you guys doing’’ my dad said “ we are working what are you doing’’ as his smile on his transformed into a normal face he went the to garage as he saw out the window he noticed that  the flowers were getting bad and there was a lot of bees  but as always his partner didn’t do anything. My dad told him to at least water the plants. He didn’t do that task either.


While I was yanking out the weeds my dad's boss came outside to pay us for the day. And my dad’s partner got payed more money. My dad’s eyes were watery and his face was red. And I got off the truck and went to talk to my dad's boss. And I said to my dad's boss,” why did you pay him more money?’’ and he said,’’ because he was doing more work.’’  and I said ,’’you’re sure about that’’ and he said,’’ of course I saw him doing more work’’ and I said ,’’ do you surveillance cameras around here’’ and he said ,’’yes’’ and I said to him, “ check the footage’’ so he went to go check and he showed a guilty face yet at the same time he felt his face was red as a tomato and he went to go get more money for my dad and I and so I  was pretty excited he apologized and he gave us  2 tickets to the movie theater.

After that my dad went back to work the next day with his partner and I and my dad's boss were looking outside and he saw him not doing anything so he went outside and still payed him and at that day he was not feeling well his head was hurting and he was dizzy so we took him to the doctors and he turned out okay, and 2 months later it was my dad's marriage and my dad’s boss was invited and my mom was excited that everyone came. My dad was excited and after that day he was working harder and his partner came late one day and he didn’t do anything so he went to my dad and said,’’ you really don’t do anything so I went and stepped in and so I said,’’ actually you're not doing anything and he has been pretty nice to you so if you he doesn’t do anything look at you he is working really hard to afford his family's house and to take care of his son and his family so if you tell him one more that he doesn't do anything than remind yourself what  you do here every day and he could fire anytime he ever wanted but he is a generous man so if you have problem with him than you tell me instead’’.

The next day my dad’s partner wasn’t working with him instead my dad told me that he doesn't need another partner that is not doing anything but instead he wants me to be his new partner. I felt like I was living in a parallel dimension the feeling was like no other. And I said, “ really’’ and he said, ‘’yes, I told roy and he said it is okay for you to be my  So after that everything changed until one day we were called to help a lady get heavy boxes from sunnyvale to her house in jefferson redwood city we went and my dad told me,’’son don’t let anyone make you do all the work and let them take all of the credit ok?” and I said in a normal voice, “ ok” and when we got there we were almost finish until the owner said, “ are you Guillermo’’ and my dad said, “ yes why?’’ “ just making sure’’ said the owner.


My dad was tired his face filled with sweat for all of the hard work he did. I ran up the stairs to get the last box when I came down I saw a black truck arrive and I knew it was his old partner and he was sayi ng to my dad, “ can you give me another chance because I need to pay for my food’’ my dad is a nice generous soul and like always he forgives people and my dad said, “yes’’. I felt like my world has dropped and like thanos took over the earth and the avengers were helpless. After that everything changed I still was his partner but his other partner was being a hard worker so he was  paid almost as us but we always went to go eat or to the movies and last weekend on march 5, 2017 I had enough money to buy my new phone but instead we went to the bank to deposit the money and he was proud of me and now tradict has struck my friends dog had passed away and we went to bury him it was a faithful day my friend is still not feeling well it feels like he was stuck in a room with nothing but all you see is the people you love getting hurt. He parents said how much we said, “ nothing we want no money you guys went through all of this.’’ At that moment my life has changed ever since then I felt different.


My family was afraid of  things were going to happen like the whole world would have just dropped out of the milky way and there was no more oxygen to breath. Now  I’m still my dad’s partner but sometimes I feel like i’m not everything felt different especially now that his old partner is working with him. And last weekend felt  like no other the feeling of it was not very exciting when we went to work we knew that something was different and it was the garden was beautiful the flowers were blooming there was not that much bee’s and the fountain was working again. There was a little bit of weeds and then my dad told me, “ I’ll make you a deal’’ and I said, “ sure’’ and then he said, “ If you yank out all the weeds I will buy 3 action figures and a new watch’’ and I said, “ deal’’ so as was yanking out the weeds my dad and his partner were painting the house brown and I felt exhausted like if i were running around the world many times non-stop. As well as I carrying blue whales on my back while I was doing this. When we were done my dad kept his promise we went to buy 3 action figures and a new watch. The end.

The author's comments:

I live in Redwood City and I wrote this story about my dad and how he was treated unfairly.

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